• ProFail's Underforge for Skyrim

    I just wanted some new light on a small room and as my first mod I did not want to go to big. all I did was renewed the underforge with a removal of the old rocks and added some real walls and furnishings (a chest)

    uploaded 10:53, 5 Sep 2014 47 3 2kb ProFail503

  • EWIs enhanced Meadhall thirsk HD for Skyrim

    EWIs Retex Meadhall Thirsk HD

    (older project, re-edited)


    I'm not happy with the original Textures of the Meadhall.
    So i create my own. This Texture Set adding new Graphics
    with higher Resolution and Detail to the vanilla Game and gives
    the Hall a realistic and beautiful new look.

    uploaded 5:01, 5 Sep 2014 604 67 25,517kb ewi65

  • ESP Classes for Skyrim

    This mod provides classes, bithsigns, and customized class based loadout for your character.

    uploaded 4:00, 5 Sep 2014 202 15 46kb Thalioden

  • EWIs enhanced Ravenrock 2k for Skyrim

    EWIs enhanced Ravenrock 2k
    <br />******************
    <br />I present you my retexture of Ravenrock's Architecture.
    <br />I wasn't happy about the original Textures.
    <br />So I decided to make the Textures high Quality with a nice and dark look.
    <br />Requires Dragonborn DLC.

    uploaded 2:26, 5 Sep 2014 848 87 66,079kb ewi65

  • Suffering Sword for Skyrim

    I offer you the sword of their own design.

    uploaded 1:18, 5 Sep 2014 175 7 13,923kb marazeren

  • Solitude Expansion for Skyrim

    Did you also think that Solitude was too small for a capital of Skyrim? This mod turns the Solitude docks into a new part of the city, adding new layer of walls, fifteen new houses with full interiors and unique characters, and much more!

    This is a copy of my original (and more often updated) mod on steam workshop.

    uploaded 21:56, 4 Sep 2014 789 41 1,021kb Ceasirius

  • 1 handed Hrothmund's axe for Skyrim

    This mod adds a 1 handed (and shorter) version of Hrothmund's axe.
    Requires Dragonborn.

    uploaded 21:36, 4 Sep 2014 143 8 78kb vatakc

  • Velvet ENB for Skyrim

    A performance ENB with Very eye friendly colors. RLO/RS + COT

    uploaded 20:59, 4 Sep 2014 299 8 109kb dubhorizon

  • EWIs vivid Bridges 2k Parallax for Skyrim

    EWIs vivid Bridges 2k + Parallax
    Texture Replacer

    my focus was on the color variation and greater realism
    of the stones with parallax mapping.
    my first prober parallax work and i'm proud. looks fantastic in game.
    I hope you like it as well.


    uploaded 20:23, 4 Sep 2014 1,001 74 10,795kb ewi65

  • Kvatch Shields for Skyrim

    Craftable Oblivion-inspired shields

    uploaded 20:16, 4 Sep 2014 135 14 9,901kb Fimbulvitir

  • Starting Cave for Skyrim

    Hey, its my first mod that adds a location, it adds a ruin right next to riverwood that adds some things to help.

    uploaded 19:30, 4 Sep 2014 73 1 90kb theeasytooner

  • Smaller Frost Atronachs for Skyrim

    Makes frost atronachs roughly the size of the average Nord.

    uploaded 19:15, 4 Sep 2014 13 1 1kb kdb983