• Soft Leather Armor for Skyrim

    Uses the Thieves Guild Sleeveless Variant/Linwe's Leather as a base, and adds a new standalone version of leather armor, with slightly reduced armor, weight, and less material requirements than normal leather armor, available to craft from the get go :)

    uploaded 3:55, 18 Feb 2012 1,058 18 1kb crazyjoe2k

  • Fallen Hunters Cabin for Skyrim

    Adds a cabin southwest of Dragon Bridge, which is a town in northwestern Skyrim.
    It comes with an empty interior(only a bed, a chest and a few other objects).
    Outside you can find a forge, sharpening wheel, workbench and such.
    There is also a small garden with some crops.

    Chests can be used to store precious items, as they do not respawn.

    uploaded 3:42, 18 Feb 2012 574 6 127kb bFe

  • Asprix Mysterious Island for Skyrim

    This adds a new Island to the game, called Asprix, this also includes a small Floating island with it!
    Once again, you can get to Asprix through a trapdoor on a Ship in Dawnstar!
    Thank you!

    uploaded 3:35, 18 Feb 2012 2,475 10 81kb MOAVGproductions

  • FXAA Injector Preset for Skyrim

    This is a FXAA injector preset I made for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning because it really needs it but I though it might work well in Skyrim too. The preset adds more vibrancy, some sharpening for a more crisp look, which brings out the textures more.

    uploaded 3:27, 18 Feb 2012 19,326 140 67kb Half64

  • Crystalis for Skyrim

    Crystalis is a player home added to the northern Winterhold region, north of Pilgrim's Trench.

    Crystalis' theme is more suitable for Mage type characters, but has all storage and crafting needs for all character types.

    uploaded 3:20, 18 Feb 2012 7,258 159 171kb BartokTB

  • Dismiss Summons for Skyrim

    Dismiss all your Summoned/raised creatures/Thralls no matter where they are, how how many.

    uploaded 3:10, 18 Feb 2012 4,664 126 1kb Dreighton

  • Dwarvenhaven for Skyrim

    Dwarvenhaven is essentially a player town, unlocked through fully-voiced quests, with all the bells and whistles, while still staying realistic and mostly lore-friendly. If you ever wanted an awesome Dwarven player-home, this is for you!

    uploaded 2:22, 18 Feb 2012 5,241 85 14,995kb BW117

  • SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators for Skyrim

    The FIRST and most Advanced Mod that gives new Artificial Intelligence to animals for more realistic behavior, GUARANTEE OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

    uploaded 2:02, 18 Feb 2012 693,839 14,721 177,007kb etayorius

  • Links Gear Mod by Gilks for Skyrim

    Small mod aimed at adding some of Link's gear to Skyrim.

    uploaded 1:42, 18 Feb 2012 319 2 2kb Gilks

  • Wulfharths Dragonbone Weapons for Skyrim

    This mod adds craftable weapons to the Dragon section of the smithing menu. So far I have a katana, a daikatana, a tanto, a nodachi, a one-handed sword, a greatsword, a mace, a waraxe, a bow, arrows, a warhammer, a battleaxe, a staff, a scythe, and 2 types of dagger.

    uploaded 1:20, 18 Feb 2012 41,596 972 11,000kb wulfharth

  • Gender and Race Heights for Skyrim

    Tired of the base heights for all races and genders? This gives more variety between all races and genders, with Males generally taller than Females.

    uploaded 0:41, 18 Feb 2012 50,175 1,007 84kb Machienzo

  • Dragon Hit Sound Fix for Skyrim

    This mod makes it easier to hear when you hit dragons with an arrow from a long distance away.

    uploaded 0:21, 18 Feb 2012 1,345 29 1kb ImmortalRevenge