• Milore Dreth - Follower for Skyrim

    uploaded 16:28, 6 Sep 2014 84 5 107kb LittleFighter

  • Extended UI for Skyrim

    Extended UI is a project that attempts to fix parts of the user interface. At the moment the intent is for Extended UI to be a complementary mod to SkyUI rather than to replace parts of SkyUI.

    uploaded 16:26, 6 Sep 2014 9,867 565 58kb mrpwn

  • Improved Artifacts Collection for Skyrim

    A collection of mods that focus on improving artifacts in Skyrim.

    uploaded 15:57, 6 Sep 2014 1,811 44 2,851kb Zimmermjaz

  • The Huntsman for Skyrim

    The Huntsman is a Unique Bow designed to be the perfect companion for Hunters. The Huntsman is no ordinary bow, aside from it's Unique appearance it has the option of being Upgraded with Upgrade Kits that not only change the stats but also change the appearance. The Huntsman also levels up with the player so it should never become useless.

    uploaded 13:48, 6 Sep 2014 19,105 751 44,158kb InsanitySorrow

  • Wet and Cold - Holidays - Deutsch for Skyrim

    Ein Addon für Wet and Cold, welches die Funktionen von Wet and Cold benutzt, um dadurch die Feiertage nach Himmelsrand zu bringen. Dörfer/Städte werden sich äußerlich verändern, sowie die Feiertage auf der TES-Lore basieren -- einige von ihnen wurden bereits von Bethesda geplant, zu sehen war dies in den Strings, welche im CK gefunden worden

    uploaded 13:45, 6 Sep 2014 121 19 19,545kb Gunter525

  • WATERplants - retexture for Skyrim

    uploaded 13:18, 6 Sep 2014 2,604 177 6,685kb Zerwas1

  • True Hardcore Morrowskooma for Skyrim

    Alters skooma's effects to be more like Morrowind... With more intense weaknesses, as well as strengths- including faster movement speed, stronger melee attacks, worse lockpicking/pockpocket and way less magicka. All effects last 60 seconds. Also alters the prices of skooma to be more like Morrowind. 500 for normal skooma, 1000 for double-dist

    uploaded 12:31, 6 Sep 2014 43 2 1kb Letrarunt

  • Redwater Skooma Improved for Skyrim

    Alters Redwater Skooma to be... More interesting- as well as very different from guardian variety skooma provided by my other mod. The effects are in some ways similar to skooma, but with more potent effects at the cost of moving slow. Including 110 more health and 50% more powerful melee abilities. Also changes the value to 850 gold.

    uploaded 12:31, 6 Sep 2014 29 2 1kb Letrarunt

  • New look Nirya and Faralda for Skyrim

    I was disappointed how elves magicians looks in skyrim.
    <br /><br />So, its simple mod to fix it. I wanted to make them more like their characters are, not just more sexy.

    uploaded 11:00, 6 Sep 2014 53 2 2kb krowly

  • Winterstone Castle for Skyrim

    A darker themed castle, hidden among the trees located between Riverwood and Falkreath near Anise's cabin. Has all of the usual amenities and a large library themed display room.

    uploaded 9:12, 6 Sep 2014 1,068 83 32,362kb skyrimlazz

  • Ronzo in Skyrim for Skyrim

    Adds a playable RONSO race(Final Fantasy 10)-like race, and new NPCs.
    Meshes and textures by myself.
    Add custom weapons and armor.

    uploaded 7:59, 6 Sep 2014 4,154 107 26,356kb kazumamqj

  • EWIs enhanced Soulcairn for Skyrim

    I present you my retexture of Dawnguard's Soulcairn which i've made for me.
    I wasn't happy about the original Textures. looking horrible and very low res.
    So I decided to make the Textures higher Quality with a nice and dark look.

    Resolution: 1k.
    Requires Dawnguard DLC.

    uploaded 6:16, 6 Sep 2014 1,258 130 45,244kb ewi65