• Make your own Skyrim House for Skyrim

    Video series on how to make your own house in Skyrim with the Creation Kit.

    uploaded 11:30, 19 Apr 2012 493 20 0kb Shawkab

  • Shrink Ray for Skyrim

    Shrink any living creature for 30 seconds! This includes dragons.

    The character that you shrink also has smaller damage and stamina to match their new size.

    The spell tome for this particular spell can be found in your personal chest upstairs in your Breezehome in Whiterun. It can also be purchased off of Sybille Stentor in the BluePalace in

    uploaded 11:13, 19 Apr 2012 1,240 34 7kb MindController

  • Whiterun Balloon Site V2 for Skyrim

    Three balloons will be added to the sky of Whiterun.
    You can go to a north iceberg. There is a warehouse there.

    uploaded 8:02, 19 Apr 2012 2,432 75 344kb hdela

  • Lawrenheim Temple for Skyrim

    A large home for players seeking a worthy monument of their adventures. Equiped with racks, mannequins, crafting stations and plenty of storage space.

    uploaded 7:02, 19 Apr 2012 466 12 738kb Manuel2

  • Marked for Squee for Skyrim

    Adds a new shout based on Marked for Death using audio from My Little Pony: FiM

    uploaded 6:02, 19 Apr 2012 152 7 233kb Snowraptor

  • Talent Tweak for Skyrim

    Removes skill requirements from most perks and adds a few tweaks to the trees.

    uploaded 5:59, 19 Apr 2012 358 2 19kb S1lent0ne

  • Dragon Merchant with Buyable Dragon Souls for Skyrim

    This mod adds a FRIENDLY DRAGON MERCHANT that will sell you Dragon souls for a varying price. At max speech they're around 7700 gold unless you use enchants for bartering. You need the Merchant perk for them to show up in his bartering window. At 100% barter enchants it goes to about 5250 gold. The Dragon merchant has 25,000 gold for bartering.

    uploaded 4:55, 19 Apr 2012 7,485 232 29kb MrCasual

  • Lokir and Prima for Skyrim

    Per request, level 1 saves of exact clones of the horse thief who tries to flee Helgen and the Imperial Captain who has him shot. Offered as separate downloads. Now also included as presets in "ESP - Expanded Skyrim Presets", along with 300+ other NPCs.

    uploaded 4:33, 19 Apr 2012 100 3 2,073kb c_striker

  • Connys Enhanced Skyrim for Skyrim

    A mod that makes the great Skyrim just a bit better

    uploaded 3:53, 19 Apr 2012 557 8 4,595kb Conny Bengtsson

  • Two Handed Perk Mod for Skyrim

    Modify two-handed weapon is More strongly than original two-handed weapon.

    addition : Two-handBackstab, SkillfulArms

    modify : Elemental Protection, Warmaster, ParalyzingStrike

    uploaded 2:39, 19 Apr 2012 1,674 32 3kb pig87

  • Fine Mage Robes for Skyrim

    Craftable set of robes using vanilla assets. Also optional file to change Jarl gloves to clothing (gilded wristguards and fine armguards).

    uploaded 1:59, 19 Apr 2012 622 19 1kb Asharo

  • Better Map Marker Placements for Skyrim

    Better Map Marker Placements is a simple mod which modifies the placement of vanilla map markers to support a more immersive gameplay experience. Have you ever teleported to a place and thought "I would have liked to have been moved a little closer.." Well fret no longer!

    uploaded 0:59, 19 Apr 2012 367 8 12kb eagledude4