• Convert Arrows Into Assassins Equipment for Skyrim

    If you use The Dark Brotherhood Armor TS Edition by TS, then you probably agree that the Assassin's Equipment is one of the coolest features, besides the retextured armor itself. But my oh my, wish they did more that 10 damage? This plugin allows you to convert any vanilla arrow into Assassin's Equipment, keeping the original arrows value and dmg

    uploaded 19:24, 26 Apr 2013 816 33 1kb brianlm

  • Al Thor - Imperial Companion for Skyrim

    Al'Thor gets his name from the protag of the Wheel of Time novels. And that's about where the similarities end.
    He's a 2 handed swordsman, with a couple of perks included & can be found at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

    uploaded 17:38, 26 Apr 2013 3,209 144 823kb alidaegg

  • CBBE Butt-ErFly for Skyrim

    Tattoo-ish thing. Use your imagination? haha

    uploaded 17:00, 26 Apr 2013 395 21 7,148kb FingHateNames

  • Vlindrel Hall TNF - Hearthfire for Skyrim

    This is a Vlindrel Hall(VH) remake mod. Attempt to make this house more elegant and functional completeness, but not go too far from the vanilla house. And it is made for DLC Hearthfire users.

    uploaded 15:00, 26 Apr 2013 24,995 2,202 65kb goatk

  • BadGremlins Items of the Moons for Skyrim

    Item set of the moons

    uploaded 13:18, 26 Apr 2013 540 28 95kb badgremlin

  • My Own Tower for Skyrim

    ever wanted to have a fortification as a base for your raids against bandits!!?!?
    here is a mod for you!as you can see this mod includes a tower and a stable with guards and loads of stuff in it!

    uploaded 12:55, 26 Apr 2013 693 42 264kb mybad

  • Deerhorn Knives for Skyrim

    Deerhorn knives are a unique weapon commonly used in the martial art baguazhang. They are very beautiful bladed weapons that fit the dual-wield style of Skyrim perfectly.

    uploaded 10:30, 26 Apr 2013 1,635 127 38,451kb budcat

  • No skill Point by leveling - All languages for Skyrim

    Remove the skill point the player gets as you get a level.

    uploaded 10:04, 26 Apr 2013 246 9 1kb marcousik

  • BetterMageFollowers for Skyrim


    There has been something in Skyrim that always annoyed me, which is the fact that mage followers, sometimes just swing a sword or a bow and use it in Combat, which they shouldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t. Th

    uploaded 9:32, 26 Apr 2013 129 9 4kb MasterFqF

  • Vanilla Magic Tweaks for Skyrim

    Would you like a GPS for your horse? Do you want to be a real predator? Or simply have a good light in a dark dungeon? Look no more! This mod is for you. "Clairvoyance", "Detect Life", "Detect Undead" and "Candlelight" can be fire-and-forget spells with duration of 5 minutes and can be toggled, making them more useful.

    uploaded 6:28, 26 Apr 2013 2,304 208 3,889kb NeoRunek

  • Unnamed Slotmask Unification Project for Skyrim

    Modders have been busy creating new pieces of clothing/armor - and until now using whatever unnamed slot(s) seemed convenient. Cloaks. Backpacks. Scarves. etc. etc. It is the intention of this site, utilizing all the input that the modding community has to offer, to arrive at a group agreement for the standardization of assignments for the unnamed

    uploaded 6:18, 26 Apr 2013 54 6 2kb jrs3071

  • LOTR - The One Ring for Skyrim

    I made this mod a while ago when I first got into LOTR. I made a long thurough paragraph on the description months ago when I first finished it. It refreshed for some reason. So here\'s a a short one...

    uploaded 5:55, 26 Apr 2013 1,341 54 46kb dmcthunder999