• Wyrmslayer - Two handed Katana for Skyrim

    Adds a two handed katana to Skyhaven Temple with the same effect as the Dragonbane. Can be improved at a grindstone. Great for Killing Dragons.

    uploaded 0:11, 25 Mar 2012 3,057 15 2kb clayvn

  • Gothic Plate Armour for Skyrim

    This is a set of armour based upon mid 15th century German Gothic armour styles.

    uploaded 0:03, 25 Mar 2012 1,168 20 7,679kb The SH0CKER

  • Race Morpher for Skyrim

    Have you ever dreamed of being a Half-Orc with big teeth and still be hailed as a true Nord ? Or you want to be a Half-Elf, a mix between Redguard and Dark Elf ? Maybe you roleplay a Thalmor disguised as a true Nord spying on those pesky Talos-Worshippers.
    Well then this mod is for you.

    uploaded 23:23, 24 Mar 2012 6,682 114 993kb basvanbeu

  • Light and Dark of home early WIP for Skyrim

    Well i have been asked to post some of my work for folks to see what i have managed to create and so i can get some feed back about the project so far. The island i have created is fair large, has a ruined port town, small military camp, 1 mine, 1 monster den, huge forrest area, lake, inlet, sea, grasslands area, planned vampire city and large mou

    uploaded 23:16, 24 Mar 2012 288 0 2,548kb gloomygrim

  • ABCmagicBETA for Skyrim

    add some new spells

    uploaded 23:10, 24 Mar 2012 431 3 2,582kb nocent

  • Meme city shields for Skyrim

    uploaded 22:39, 24 Mar 2012 626 4 234kb Sporewar

  • The listeners Armory for Skyrim

    additons to Dawnstar DB Sanctuary

    uploaded 22:39, 24 Mar 2012 1,020 8 73kb Amatarasu

  • More mariable women for Skyrim

    Adds some cutsom women. All of them added to the marriage-faction.
    4 for now. V1.1: Friends added. Now more people will come to your wedding!

    I take requests!!

    uploaded 22:33, 24 Mar 2012 1,424 13 1,082kb Carimya

  • Dragon Boat for Skyrim

    I am a regular player of Skyrim, and to my knowledge there are no Dragon Boats available, so I have designed my own in keeping with the game. This Dragon Boat home can be found under the Blue Palace, near the Solitude Docks.

    This new shape of player home comes with everything you may need for your adventures around the world of Skyrim, complete

    uploaded 22:16, 24 Mar 2012 1,207 8 43kb skyrimbanger

  • Player Chest in Warmaidens in Whiterun for Skyrim

    Very small mod to add a player chest in Warmaiden's Blacksmith in Whiterun.

    uploaded 21:49, 24 Mar 2012 321 7 1kb harveyisbatman

  • Helms Haven for Skyrim

    Welcome and thank you for visiting Helms Haven. Helms Haven is medium sized player house with all of your needs as well as a few luxuries without being overloaded. It features a large main floor with a loft where the bed room is located. A crafting room and a storage hall all connected to the main floor. Check out the new versions.

    uploaded 21:48, 24 Mar 2012 7,521 108 2,215kb Zenmuron

  • Lorecraft - Cooking for Skyrim

    Brings cookery books to Skyrim - now you need to find recipes before you can cook them.

    uploaded 21:35, 24 Mar 2012 4,381 76 2,515kb ScarabMonkey