• Bound Tools for Skyrim

    Adds bound versions of utility tools so you don't have to haul them around. Uses modified in game art.

    - Bound Pickaxe
    - Bound Woodcutter's Axe

    uploaded 14:04, 21 Feb 2012 5,321 146 54kb Vonwarr

  • Psiijic Master Outfits for Skyrim

    This mod makes zackdip's Psiijic Re-skin versions into non-replacing craftable clothing and armor.

    uploaded 13:53, 21 Feb 2012 5,922 87 24,798kb Apethnatos

  • Pociones -Castellano- for Skyrim

    Hace que haya más pociones de curación/aguante/magia a la venta en las tiendas del juego. Pensado para jugar a

    partir de nivel de dificultad "Difícil".
    También cambia el nombre de la poción "Curar envenenamiento" a "Poción de curar envenenamiento". Así es más fácil

    catalogar el inventario.
    NO hace que apararezcan más pociones en las

    uploaded 13:45, 21 Feb 2012 70 0 1kb Rivendel75

  • Mage Mansion for Skyrim

    A large magic mansion designed for adventurers.
    Many named chests, crafting room, magic place, teleporter,
    mannequins, library, merchant and more...

    uploaded 13:30, 21 Feb 2012 9,019 73 163kb aldaris22

  • BMC - Anna Savegame for Skyrim

    WARNING: This save is intended to be used along with "Live Another Life" by Arthmoor (, I doubt it will work properly if your not using that mod and with the horribly gimped CS I don't intend to fix it to work as a pre-set.

    uploaded 13:16, 21 Feb 2012 528 3 3,758kb Badmagic

  • Ask Follower Skills for Skyrim

    So you've gained yourself a follower,
    but you don't know a thing or two about what he/she specializes in?
    Well why don't you just ask them? :P

    uploaded 13:01, 21 Feb 2012 41,018 537 4kb melbourne47

  • SuiZidEs Glass Replacer for Skyrim

    This replacer changes the textures of the glass armor and weapons into a version in Morrowind colors. It doesn´t really work with some weapons and the helmet even if I change the color to a darker black.

    Attention: I´ve only tested the paths on my own PC so it could be that they doesn´t work for you. Please give me feedback.

    uploaded 12:54, 21 Feb 2012 252 2 2,717kb SuiZidE

  • Non-playable Armor - Spanish Translation for Skyrim

    Esta es la traducción española del mod "Non-playable Armor" de gibbed.

    uploaded 12:33, 21 Feb 2012 187 2 4kb Frodo45127

  • Moar Kontent - FRENCH for Skyrim

    Une traduction en français de l'excellent mod Moar Kontent.

    uploaded 12:18, 21 Feb 2012 396 0 15kb nash666667

  • Ultimate training ground for Skyrim

    The ultimate training ground introduces to the people of Whiterun the hall of valor.In it are gathered the best trainers in all of Tamriel.All are master level fully voice acted and will assist you with your training.Also there are included beds,alchemy and enchanting workbenches.Also there is a shrine with all the blessing so you could choose yo

    uploaded 11:23, 21 Feb 2012 3,745 37 41kb powerclick

  • The Withering Hollow- Secret Hideout for Skyrim

    Trapdoor shack under a beautiful waterfall setting. Inside is a bed, enchanting table, alchemy table, and a cooking pot.

    uploaded 11:14, 21 Feb 2012 668 2 19kb Nightdemon

  • Dark Brotherhood to Assassins Creed textures for Skyrim

    Texture Replacement for the banners, the black door and the five Tennets.

    uploaded 10:28, 21 Feb 2012 8,402 50 6,171kb Ezi020