• Wolf Master for Skyrim

    You can become the master of 3 different wolves or wolf packs, stronger than normal wolves. Order them to follow, wait, go home, you can even mark their home place. You can also feed them raw meat to make them stronger for a while.

    uploaded 16:29, 21 Feb 2012 11,513 121 22kb Volek

  • Saadia As A Companion for Skyrim

    This mod allows you to recruit Saadia to join you on your adventures through Skyrim.

    uploaded 15:55, 21 Feb 2012 2,145 27 1kb Rysiapu

  • Whiterun Guard Followers for Skyrim

    Contains 4 stand-alone, lore-friendly, Whiterun Guard characters for you to recruit from Dragonsreach.

    uploaded 15:42, 21 Feb 2012 1,002 11 3kb Will_B_1991

  • NewTestingHall for Skyrim

    This mod adds a Testing Hall like that of Oblivion in Skyrim

    uploaded 15:30, 21 Feb 2012 1,628 2 13kb Elsweir

  • Mining Flames for Skyrim

    Blast the ore right out of the rock! Adds a new property to the Flames spell which allows it to mine ore deposits. Note that dual-wield casting (NOT dual-casting) makes for much faster mining.

    Credit to tgfighter at the skyrim nexus for making me try this out.

    uploaded 15:29, 21 Feb 2012 6,154 190 0kb Vonwarr

  • Hall of Heavenly Peace and Teleportspell for Skyrim

    A home in the style of a ruin for Dovahkiin, with all what one needs!
    And a Teleport spell to find back home from anywhere!!!

    uploaded 15:28, 21 Feb 2012 718 3 45kb Satyr906

  • Barad Mithost for Skyrim

    Perched on a ridge high above the Whiterun tundra stands the grey watchtower of Barad Mithost. A LOTR inspired home for a mid-to end-game character.

    uploaded 15:21, 21 Feb 2012 4,964 181 134kb stevea2

  • Guard Armor and Shields Replaced for Skyrim

    This mod includes:

    Every city has various guards oufit TS Edition by TS
    Roman Style Imperial Legion Shields by Davis237834
    Removes the guard shield of loneliness and replaces it Davis237834

    uploaded 15:05, 21 Feb 2012 1,170 6 111,834kb oriajh

  • Life Detection and Invisibility Armor v2 for Skyrim

    Do you miss the old enchantments Life Detection and Invisibility from Oblivion? Just install this modification. You'll get two new items with those enchantments. You'll find them in Riften (look at the screenshot for further details). You can disenchant both enchantments from those two items. So you can decide yourself which of your items should

    uploaded 15:02, 21 Feb 2012 5,418 63 38kb ayecue

  • Phenderix Magic Evolved - FRENCH for Skyrim

    Une traduction française du mod Phenderix Magic Evolved

    uploaded 14:57, 21 Feb 2012 1,561 6 238kb nash666667

  • Bound Weapons For All for Skyrim

    Adds all the bound weapons that Bethesda skipped!

    Currently contains:
    - Bound Dagger
    - Bound Mace
    - Bound War Axe
    - Bound Greatsword
    - Bound Warhammer

    uploaded 14:18, 21 Feb 2012 1,964 22 543kb Vonwarr

  • Bound Tools for Skyrim

    Adds bound versions of utility tools so you don't have to haul them around. Uses modified in game art.

    - Bound Pickaxe
    - Bound Woodcutter's Axe

    uploaded 14:04, 21 Feb 2012 5,308 146 54kb Vonwarr