• Super Simple Breezehome for Skyrim

    Super simple breezehome mod, changed fire pit for fireplace and added chimney outside too. Guest bedroom for follower mods. Fixed lydia's bedroom so she sleeps, no more stuck lydia! No forges or smelters or gaudy furniture just breezehome. NOW COMPATIBLE WITH HEARTHFIRE DLC!

    uploaded 1:18, 2 Nov 2012 2,147 93 192kb dragonslayer2k12

  • Another house mod for Falkreath for Skyrim

    Adds the house Riverside to Falkreath

    uploaded 0:05, 2 Nov 2012 180 7 276kb Wylda

  • Jasmin ENB 5_5 Real Cinema for Skyrim

    Letterbox effect originates from enbeffect.fx of 'hd6', which is vignetting effect.

    Jasmin ENB for the first time attempted and uploaded vignetting effect to the letterbox.

    Letterbox is Jasmin's idea and thus please write a credit anyone who uploads and uses letterbox.

    This is basic etiquette for who modify and upload ENB.

    uploaded 23:34, 1 Nov 2012 7,592 90 176kb r6angel

  • IceGoldBlade for Skyrim

    adds IceGoldBlade in the game

    uploaded 23:15, 1 Nov 2012 1,150 36 249kb Jussi138

  • Dark Legion Edge for Skyrim

    Adds Dark Legion's Edge - sword from Lineage II game.

    uploaded 22:35, 1 Nov 2012 15,331 429 7,923kb DeadMaroz

  • Liliths Tools - Weapon Set for Skyrim

    This mod is a compilation of my earlier lilith mods that adds about 90 different weapons and a new armor set (retexture) into the world of skyrim. Includes now a REAL quest to obtain the weapons.

    uploaded 22:30, 1 Nov 2012 33,765 1,238 148,957kb wiikki

  • Wrath of Potema - Wolfqueens Hunger for Skyrim

    Adds a new weapon to the game, Wolfqueen's hunger. Standalone.

    uploaded 21:06, 1 Nov 2012 8,486 409 2,238kb MTindle

  • Amiel- The imperial Follower for Skyrim

    uploaded 20:12, 1 Nov 2012 265 2 4kb Myth0is

  • Brygard lvl 1 to 53 Nov 1 2012 for Skyrim

    Save game Brygard lvl 1 ready to be level 53 in which you choose his stats and what to spend his perks which he has 52.
    He's in Helgen with Hadvar.
    Brygard has been training his skills to 100 in the following:1hand,2hand,destruction,restoration,light and heavy armor,sneak and block.
    105 days in game has passed.

    uploaded 18:41, 1 Nov 2012 804 33 1,912kb xf15bd4zu49x

  • Automatic Crossbows for Skyrim

    The Thalmor have found some old Dwemer schematics and are rebuilding the Dwemers most fearsome weapons - automatic crossbows! This mod adds 3 automatic Dwemer crossbows to the game; Dwemer Cheiroballistra, a heavy semi automatic crossbow. Dwemer Polybolos, a light burst firing automatic crossbow. Automatic Dwemer Crossbow, a fully automatic crossbo

    uploaded 18:18, 1 Nov 2012 77,381 3,224 1,006kb J3X

  • Legenda Grytewake Polish translation for Skyrim

    This is Polish Translation mod The Grytewake Legend - Quest and moveable ship created by wallice. Only for Polish Players. Please endorse author this project
    Spolszczenie questpacka stworzonego przez wallice. Tylko dla polskich graczy! Wesprzyj autora tego projektu!

    uploaded 18:11, 1 Nov 2012 755 21 1,192kb Asmodarius

  • ENB Noir - A Black and White ENB for Skyrim

    A high quality black and white ENB for screenshots. With this high qaulity config you get a cinematic and artistic experience. It takes advantage of the ENB's SSAO and SSIL, detailed shadows, Depth of field, Sun Rays and Parallax. It also has a light animated grain effect and an interesting vignette effect.

    uploaded 16:45, 1 Nov 2012 870 52 146kb joshezzell