• TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim - Male and UNP female for Skyrim

    A collection of 64 TERA armors (23 heavy, 28 light, and 13 robes) with more coming every updates. All of them are uniquely beautiful, have weight slider support for both genders, inventory models, relatively balanced stats and recipes and are ready for use in Skyrim. *NOTE - this mod is obviously NOT lore-friendly*

    uploaded 22:46, 21 Oct 2012 1,188,631 26,101 13kb asianboy345

  • larches trees for Skyrim

    Adds some yellow larches near Riften.

    uploaded 22:43, 21 Oct 2012 1,307 22 856kb aravis7

  • Farming or Gardening for Skyrim for Skyrim

    This is a very easy farming system for Skyrim, made originally by the modder Magnemoe for Hearthfire. I made a few small changes to make it usable in Skyrim without Hearthfire.

    uploaded 22:37, 21 Oct 2012 2,132 85 96kb m11811

  • NightGuard - NightKin In A New Light for Skyrim

    The NightGuard originate from all around Tamriel as they are simply a collection of vampires that have found the error in there ways and seek redemption. On your journeys around Skyrim you may bump into several NightGuard couriers, if you do feel free to lend one a hand as many other of Skyrims inhabitants don't feel towards them as you and I.

    uploaded 21:13, 21 Oct 2012 407 10 92kb tekk3y

  • Skyrim Overhaul Enemies for Skyrim

    This mod in an overhaul for many of the animals, creatures , undead and other such monstrosities in the game. This mod rebalances them, and in some cases changes their A.I. The starting level of some of the really hard creatures is a bit less, like trolls, but the level cap on everything has been increased, some by a bit, and some, like spriggans,

    uploaded 21:01, 21 Oct 2012 1,914 94 40kb HighlordTalrin

  • Skyrim Overhaul Factions for Skyrim

    This mod alters the stats, inventory, perks and spells of many NPC's in the game. The effected Npc's are all members who belong to either the Thalmor, the Stormcloaks, Imperials, Forsworn, Bandits, Al'akir warriors and finally orc strongholds. These changes make them all far more challenging to fight, as well as more lore friendly.

    uploaded 20:25, 21 Oct 2012 3,123 166 150kb HighlordTalrin

  • Vampires dont take falling damage for Skyrim

    As it used to be vampires should not take damage when falling from height

    uploaded 19:49, 21 Oct 2012 3,835 115 0kb DirtyMan26

  • Crimson Ranger Armor for Skyrim

    Crimson Ranger Armor is designed for Archers who able to take down most foes before they have a chance to draw sword.They are fighters specializing in long-range combat and rapid movement. Opponents are kept at distance by ranged weapons and swift maneuver, and engaged in melee with sword after the enemy is wounded and weary. The Armor itself consi

    uploaded 19:27, 21 Oct 2012 163,389 3,685 31,316kb patobek

  • Just Another Orcish Set Matching for Skyrim

    Matches orcish weapons & shield with armor.

    uploaded 19:18, 21 Oct 2012 219 15 12,244kb Zloy

  • Pants For Girls for Skyrim

    Changes one of the girl's outfits into the male model

    uploaded 17:41, 21 Oct 2012 339 28 149kb Wuestenratte

  • marriageable beautifull npc for Skyrim

    adding a new npc named seirra locks, you can meet she around bards college solitude

    -Final Younger Characters

    uploaded 17:35, 21 Oct 2012 585 7 3kb andyzz

  • Als Elsweyr Rift for Skyrim

    Teleport to and from a one stop shop for selling loot and crafting items from anywhere! Now with tweaks and SKSE functionality!

    uploaded 16:47, 21 Oct 2012 1,725 95 20kb AlCiao