• Vampire Lord Polished for Skyrim

    This mod is mainly a bug fixer but tweaks a few of the Vampire Lord abilities to scale better on higher levels and master difficulty.

    uploaded 8:41, 10 Aug 2012 3,343 89 3kb reiksmarshal

  • The Fin Gleam for Skyrim

    Adds "The Fin Gleam" to the game. It is located at Evergreen Grove, south of Half-moon Mills.
    The helm where originally an item in TES IV: Oblivion, In this version the helm provides water breathing as well as nightsight to it's wearer. It also provides a greater power that lets the user exchange stamina for 30 seconds of detect life.

    uploaded 7:50, 10 Aug 2012 527 35 960kb _Rahvin_

  • Semi-Automatic Crossbow for Skyrim

    A crossbow that doesn't require reloading

    uploaded 6:49, 10 Aug 2012 5,297 116 361kb bzhuan

  • Variant Ice Elf Armor and Weapon Set for Skyrim

    Just a fun first armor and weapon set. Light and Heavy armor and one-handed weapons. Also up on Steam Workshop. There is a treasure with all items.

    uploaded 6:40, 10 Aug 2012 1,825 35 17,627kb DasBREEEkachu

  • Breezehome Lighting for Skyrim

    Adds some lighting to breezehome. I know that avenicci gives it light, this adds even more.

    uploaded 4:32, 10 Aug 2012 434 15 1kb Unreliablebob

  • Conjure Dawnguard Package for Skyrim

    This mod combines all my mods before it, so it adds the spelltomes Conjure Death Hound and Conjure Gargoyle to Ronthil in Castle Volkihar. It also adds the spelltomes Conjure Armored Troll and Conjure Armored Husky to Sorine Jurard in Fort Dawnguard. Also added Conjure Dwarven Sphere and Conjure Dwarven Spider spelltomes to a chest by Aether forge!

    uploaded 4:17, 10 Aug 2012 2,874 68 5kb Giqu

  • Fantasy Level Up Sound for Skyrim

    Changes Level up sound to more Fantasy Like.

    uploaded 3:59, 10 Aug 2012 2,222 72 7,768kb miyuutje

  • Set of Spellbreakers for Skyrim

    The Daedric artifact "Spellbreaker" is a very powerful artifact. But sadly it does not fit to any other equipment you can get within the game. This mod puts an end to this parlous situation.

    uploaded 3:49, 10 Aug 2012 1,372 26 2kb norgur

  • Arvak Texture Replacer for Skyrim

    Requires Dawnguard.
    Used the texture from the High Resolution Texture Pack. Cleaned up around the bones on the texture so it can utilize the alpha property on the mesh properly now. Desaturated the default color minus the purple.

    uploaded 3:46, 10 Aug 2012 1,425 60 1,109kb Faelrin

  • Tower of Living for Skyrim

    Adds a tower north of Solitude.

    uploaded 3:38, 10 Aug 2012 308 9 233kb MrHam24

  • Executioners Armor for Skyrim

    Adds a chest to Riverwood containing the Executioners full set of armor and his weapon.

    uploaded 3:30, 10 Aug 2012 1,097 21 1,272kb falloutperson416

  • Spike for Skyrim

    Spike a lev 10 vampire who has his soul back. He can use both 1 handed and 2 handed weapons, knows all sneak skills, and loves to torment his victims. He cannot die and is marriagable. He lives in Hall of the dead in Whiterun.

    uploaded 2:53, 10 Aug 2012 393 9 2kb ladygothica