• Red Jack for Skyrim

    After a few two many, Jack ended up in a little trouble in Whiterun. As Jack ponders the error of his ways in the Temple of Kynareth, you can relieve his boredom by taking him on a blood-soaked adventure. Jack is particularly deadly with an ale in his hand, or a two-handed sword.

    uploaded 13:41, 6 Jul 2012 534 21 841kb ErebusRed

  • Nastavniks Half Giants for Skyrim

    My mod Adds a new playable race the Half Giants based on Dungeon Siege Lore mixed with a little Spellforce to bring a new playable character to the game.

    uploaded 13:16, 6 Jul 2012 1,177 8 6kb VilniusNastavnik

  • Undead Nord Race for Skyrim

    adds a new playable undead race, looks like the nords but is undead by terms of engine means. I.e. Silver weapons will hurt you MUCH. The race got it's own abilitys to make it authentical undead. Looks like nords do, so how your character looks is still in your own good hands ;)

    uploaded 11:58, 6 Jul 2012 11,202 186 91kb acran2004

  • Overpower Spanish translation for Skyrim

    Traduccion al castellano de este mod

    Creditos a Krentz
    Credits to Krentz

    uploaded 11:47, 6 Jul 2012 206 7 2kb Gardion

  • Einithars Lantern - Czech translation for Skyrim

    Jedna se o cesky preklad modu Einithars Lantern autora born2bkilled. Archiv obsahuje pouze .esp soubor. Pro spravnou funkci modu je zapotrebi stahnout si puvodni mod odtud

    uploaded 8:40, 6 Jul 2012 120 0 8kb Azarian

  • Faendal Werewolf Replacer for Skyrim

    replaces Faendal of riverwood to a nonhostle werewolf also changes his name to Werewolf

    uploaded 5:47, 6 Jul 2012 252 2 1kb SpyrosFire

  • A Better Testing Hall for Skyrim

    Brings the overall feel of Oblivion's "Testinghall" to Skyrim. Much more organized and open, ClaudioModder's Testinghall is a vast improvement over Skyrim's QASmoke.

    uploaded 3:16, 6 Jul 2012 1,630 22 20kb cb150

  • The Jump Event for Skyrim

    Adds a three-level dungeon-style area with floating platforms, puzzles, unique bosses, and a few Easter eggs...

    uploaded 3:14, 6 Jul 2012 1,234 29 72kb knightspk2

  • Lorecraft - Skyre for Skyrim

    SkyRe now 100% compatible with lorecraft! You'll also want to disable lorecraft - vanilla.esp

    uploaded 2:56, 6 Jul 2012 12,275 188 7kb Oogee

  • Accessible Merchant Storage for Skyrim

    Fellow Thieves! Tired of looking at merchant's inventories and never being able to steal from them? You can now. Accessible Merchant Storage brings the merchant chests into the shops so you can steal from them.

    uploaded 2:12, 6 Jul 2012 2,909 108 37kb ObsidianFire

  • Robes of the Silver Star for Skyrim

    Adds a new robe to the game.

    uploaded 1:58, 6 Jul 2012 533 11 8,148kb Sepherose

  • Merchest for Skyrim

    Ever see the merchant have something you really want for sale, but you aren't exactly the most "Honest Trader"? Well now all your problems are solved! This mod moves the merchants "merchandise" chest into their shop (Or near them), adds a key that the merchant will hold, and sets the chest to a master lock. This chest will hold all of the merc

    uploaded 1:47, 6 Jul 2012 569 12 34kb Frogmander