• Potion Combiner for Skyrim

    Small mod to combine 2 potions of equal level into an equivalent potion of greater level at a cookpot (under the misc section). Don't lug around or throw out tons of low-level potions, combine them! Also adds new combinations.

    uploaded 13:40, 21 Nov 2012 2,765 211 4kb acidzebra

  • Riversedge Craftshop for Skyrim

    rework of the gem system. add two craft shops one in Markarth and one just downstream from Riverwood. Also added hundreds more ore and ingredients

    uploaded 11:33, 21 Nov 2012 266 4 1,460kb mtwoodroof

  • The Town Is Safe for Skyrim

    Decreases the lethality and frequency of vampire attacks on towns.

    uploaded 10:35, 21 Nov 2012 1,913 133 22kb bluedanieru

  • Quest Knowledge V2-1 for Skyrim

    Adds 2 books - Quest Knowledge, v1 and Quest Knowledge, v2 which should cover all quests, stages & objectives for all vanilla quests

    uploaded 7:36, 21 Nov 2012 2,322 125 1,478kb scrapperrm

  • Osare KneeSocks 2nd - UNP for Skyrim

    For UNP v1.2

    uploaded 7:11, 21 Nov 2012 56,069 1,902 3,731kb anano

  • Super Simple Breezehome with Basement for Skyrim

    Super simple breezehome mod with basement, changed fire pit for fireplace added chimney outside too. There is a guest bedroom for follower mods. Fixed lydia's bedroom so she sleeps, no more stuck lydia! No forges or smelters or gaudy furniture! Basement and armory with two mannequins. NOW HEARTHFIRE COMPATIBLE!

    uploaded 5:10, 21 Nov 2012 2,921 104 208kb dragonslayer2k12

  • Ultra Realistic Bow Shoot Sounds for Skyrim

    Changes the shooting sound of the bow recorded directly from youtube

    uploaded 3:40, 21 Nov 2012 217,583 9,456 80kb tomolyons

  • Khajiit Ninja Follower for Skyrim

    Ever wanted your own Khajiit ninja follower? Now's your chance! This mod adds a mostly voiced Khajiit Ninja follower that wields a two-handed katana to the Inn in Dawnstar. He levels with you up to level 80. The follower also has some interesting dialogue that describes his lore-friendly backstory.

    uploaded 2:31, 21 Nov 2012 1,420 53 6kb Freyqq

  • Balanced Katana Crafting for Skyrim

    Adds craftable balanced 1H and 2H katanas for crafting in Skyrim that require either daedric or dragon smithing perks

    uploaded 2:26, 21 Nov 2012 2,122 63 5kb Freyqq

  • Proudspire Manor Smithing Upgrades for Skyrim

    This simple mod includes Smithing upgrades when you purchase furnishings for Proudspire Manor in Solitude. This mod does not remove any original furniture, and it should be compatible with all other mods.

    uploaded 2:23, 21 Nov 2012 704 35 5kb Freyqq

  • Balanced New Spells for Skyrim

    This mod is focused on adding balanced spells to the world of Skyrim. Specifically, these new spells focus on filling a niche that the current spells do not address, while keeping everything balanced. So far, I have added 24 new spells. All can be purchased from their respective College of Winterhold vendor once you reach the necessary skill.

    uploaded 2:10, 21 Nov 2012 2,061 54 13kb Freyqq

  • Dangerous Skooma for Skyrim

    This mod makes skooma more like it was in Oblivion and Morrowind, bad for you but a huge temporary stamina boost.

    uploaded 2:06, 21 Nov 2012 940 65 2kb Freyqq