• Banish Undead for Skyrim

    Banish undead at the snap of a finger.

    uploaded 4:46, 30 Apr 2012 241 1 315kb xgeneofargox

  • Hot Aela The Huntress for Skyrim

    Changes the appearance of Aela The Huntress. I'm pretty sure you'll like it.

    uploaded 4:15, 30 Apr 2012 4,854 63 871kb whachapatcha

  • Rask Reise - Fast Travel Spells for Skyrim

    Adds five new spells to the game for easy transport to player homes. The spells are learned from tomes found within the bedroom of each vanilla home. All of the spells are found under Alteration and start with "Reise" for grouping.

    uploaded 3:59, 30 Apr 2012 394 9 5kb Aenara

  • Magnus Armor for Skyrim

    Retex stand-alone of the ancient nord, basically adding runes inspired from the Eye of Magnus. The mod includes light and heavy version (adjusted) plus an enchanted version of both.

    uploaded 3:58, 30 Apr 2012 893 14 4,585kb mV_box

  • The Hunters Arsenal for Skyrim

    Adds a set of forest camo leather armor along with a hunting bow and iron dagger.

    uploaded 3:03, 30 Apr 2012 119 1 6,672kb Gmania123

  • Syynxs Realistic Stamina for Skyrim

    This simple mod makes Stamina more realistic by increasing your maximum stamina and reducing stamina regeneration, this means you have more energy in a fight but it will take longer for it to restore, also sprinting around everywere is more dangerous, you could easily get caught while you're exhausted!

    Since increased Stamina makes leveling up

    uploaded 2:34, 30 Apr 2012 1,209 19 1kb Jjiinx

  • Syynxs Hardcore Armor Speed for Skyrim

    This is a simple hardcore mod that slows the player down for each piece of armor he/she has equipped.

    -5% speed for each piece of heavy armor
    -3% speed for each piece of light armor

    uploaded 2:32, 30 Apr 2012 967 35 37kb Jjiinx

  • ModSword for Skyrim


    uploaded 0:32, 30 Apr 2012 65 0 0kb Wurmed

  • Fire Dancer Retreat - Home in the Reach for Skyrim

    Manor located in the Reach with large basement, smithing area, heating system, large kitchen, indoor gardens, outdoor zen garden, tons of alchemy materials, (basically a personal alchemy garden), a spa, servants quarters, loft bedroom, target practice area, and enchanting/alchemy work spaces.

    uploaded 0:25, 30 Apr 2012 1,404 26 166kb cynster

  • Longer Duration Crafting Potions for Skyrim

    Increases the duration of crafted potions of Enchanting and Smithing from 30s to up to 10min, giving you enough time to find your items, browse your chants, and rename your items. Better-quality ingredients yield longer durations.

    uploaded 0:18, 30 Apr 2012 3,476 165 123kb Arodicus

  • Fishing In Skyrim for Skyrim

    Adds working fishing nets, "dynamite" fishing, and other goodies to Skyrim. Stop trying to grab fish with your bare hands! Look for a free net in a rowboat on the Riften canal, or talk to local general-goods vendors and apothecaries in Riverwood, Whiterun, Riften and Windhelm.

    uploaded 0:06, 30 Apr 2012 69,645 2,261 1,991kb Arodicus

  • Reapers Nord Hunters Armor CBBE v3 for Skyrim

    This is a HIGH RES. Retexture of the Savior's Hide, Steel Boots & Gauntlets to look like Light Steel with White Fur & Black Leather. Forgeable at any Forge under Steel, Armor is for Both Male & Female (cbbe v3)

    uploaded 23:44, 29 Apr 2012 15,326 239 16,361kb reaper9111