• Nightingale aka Knightingale for Skyrim

    A texture recolor for the nightingale armor to make it appear to be more like steel plate. Male and female versions available.

    uploaded 3:08, 25 Oct 2013 905 53 1,067kb U653748

  • Many Quests for Skyrim

    Starts many of the available quests in your journal. Beware this will change quests from the original.

    uploaded 1:33, 25 Oct 2013 169 0 3kb 24dtg

  • Desia for Skyrim

    This is my second NPC I\\\'ve uploaded. She is a Breton and her combat style is that of a rogue. She carries a bow, arrows & sword.

    Located: The Bee and Barb inn, Riften.

    Mods used to improve character appearance
    Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- by Caliente
    Mature skin texture

    uploaded 0:13, 25 Oct 2013 652 52 183kb Nikko180

  • Sinderions Actual Field Laboratory for Skyrim

    A completely revamped version of Sinderion\'s Field Lab to give it more functionality and make it an actually usable household. Major additions include mannequins, weapon and shield wall-mounts, dagger shelves, crafting areas, lighting, bookshelves, three followers, a mount, and Nirnroot gardens. Have fun!

    uploaded 23:46, 24 Oct 2013 383 23 154kb Thejimster82

  • Circlet Weight Reduction for Skyrim

    Reduces circlet weights.

    uploaded 23:41, 24 Oct 2013 144 5 1kb kuunkulta

  • Dremora Looks Overhaul for Skyrim

    No more weird tattooed goats. Dremora race and every individual Dremora has been modified to look like a fearsome Daedra.

    uploaded 23:37, 24 Oct 2013 3,224 192 327kb BetrayalSeeker

  • Skyrim Unlimited Training for Skyrim

    You can now train as much was you want without waiting to level up.

    uploaded 22:18, 24 Oct 2013 24,736 1,601 0kb LegoManIAm94

  • Crossbows Do Not Stagger for Skyrim

    This is a quick mod to remove the innate ability of crossbows to stagger opponents without the Power Shot perk.

    uploaded 22:17, 24 Oct 2013 234 20 0kb Jinn006

  • Dremora Assets for Skyrim

    Dremora resources for use with both male and female dremora.

    uploaded 20:45, 24 Oct 2013 432 49 9,095kb Hallgarth

  • Dragonspear for Skyrim

    ...great for spearing and swording dragons.

    uploaded 20:23, 24 Oct 2013 87,635 4,419 4kb ImsumDave

  • LOTR-The Nazgul and the Ring of Power for Skyrim

    If you are a Lord of the Rings fan that would love to have the Black Riders in Skyrim to fight against or even become one yourself; this mod is for you.
    The Nazgul and the Ring of Power Mod; like the title says brings to the world of Skyrim the Nine Ringwraiths; the One Ring and several other features.

    uploaded 18:07, 24 Oct 2013 15,562 790 11,519kb Sergeynest

  • Hybrid Enb for Skyrim

    This is a combined enb based on Skyrealism enb evolved + Realvision + Unreal Cinema. I played with a lot of enb, among them three are my favorite. So i wanted to make a combined version between these three which will have three mod's resources as much as possible. So now i''m wanted to share this with you, so its not a big deal :)

    uploaded 15:38, 24 Oct 2013 2,346 85 1kb gokuGX