• How To Mod Skyrim Manually for Skyrim

    Hey fellow modders, I was going to make a video on this but decided with the fact my internet is playing up, due to it being winter, I have decided to make it more or less a slide show.
    This simply teaches you how to mod manually without any problems or mishaps, as I have seen many modders do, not just the downloaders but the uploaders too.
    So he

    uploaded 23:00, 13 Nov 2013 344 32 1kb Enoomnai

  • Karma Reworks - Magic Rebalancing for Skyrim

    Karma Reworks - Magic is part of a bundle of modules focused into rebalancing the default (vanilla) game, without adding, removing or editing too much of it. The main focus of this module is removing gamebreaking mechanics like the mana cost and lack of scaling of magic, while also making tweaks to make it balanced.

    uploaded 22:58, 13 Nov 2013 62 5 4kb Karmaworks

  • Woodhall for Skyrim

    Player home in Rorikstead.
    Spouse, adoption, crafting, swimming, displays, storage.
    Give out housekeys to invite up to 50 npcs to live with you.

    uploaded 22:58, 13 Nov 2013 1,626 85 46kb schpette

  • RBEs Enhanced 1st Person Camera Bob for Skyrim

    This mod adds increased camera bob (also known as head bobbing) to running, sprinting, walking and sneaking in first person mode for a more immersive gameplay. Now with Standard, Heavy, and No Bob versions!

    uploaded 22:22, 13 Nov 2013 48,212 2,268 11kb rberdo

  • lore-friendly calundies for CBBEv3 for Skyrim

    A lore-friendly retexture of the undies that are an option by CBBEv3, but only come in bright purple.

    uploaded 21:21, 13 Nov 2013 699 43 106kb TDOGH

  • Furqaan for Skyrim

    Furqaan is a redguard follower he's a voodoo necromancer and use a Battle Axe. He's in Dead Man's Drink (Falkreath)

    uploaded 20:41, 13 Nov 2013 82 6 147kb Pepo92

  • Riverwood Better Defenses for Skyrim

    Extends the existing Riverwood walls to cover more of the area without ruining the rustic feel of Riverwood or getting in the way of the village. The guards AI paths actually mean the wall's get used and their are a handful of extra guards to defend the village.

    uploaded 20:21, 13 Nov 2013 1,012 57 10kb Omnibruce

  • SkyFix - Tidier Warmaidens Workshop HD for Skyrim

    I felt Warmaiden's needed a little facelift as it had no store sign of its own.

    This mod adds a custom 2k HD store sign for Warmaiden's, fixes the detached position of the smelter so Adrianne can now actually use it, adds a cosy little workshop and a custom outdoor lavatory.

    1st in SkyFix series

    uploaded 19:24, 13 Nov 2013 9,840 848 7,513kb CovertKish

  • GodSlayer Follower for Skyrim

    A follower wearing daedric armor and equipped with a daedric sword, some arrows (1000) and a daedric bow.

    uploaded 14:37, 13 Nov 2013 450 22 1kb XGhostSlayer

  • Noble Artifacts for Skyrim for Skyrim

    Noble Artifacts for Skyrim

    uploaded 13:59, 13 Nov 2013 3,660 341 37,098kb RonnieMagnum

  • Alik'r Prisoner in prison clothes for Skyrim

    Changes the Alik'r Prisoner's outfit from Alik'r clothes to default prison clothes (Roughspun Tunic and Footwraps).

    uploaded 8:20, 13 Nov 2013 291 25 16kb AaronOfMpls

  • Dead Skeever for Skyrim

    Allows you to collect and dismember the bodies of dead Skeevers, they can be used in potions and cooking.

    uploaded 7:05, 13 Nov 2013 192 20 570kb mindboggles