• Fierce Faceless Warriors for Skyrim

    Fierce Faceless Daedra Warriors

    This mod contains 6 powerful faceless NPC tanks. And they are not your allies. They will attack anyone who stands in their way. All NPCs and their armors/weapons in this mod are vanilla. In order to retain their faceless appearance, it requires Open Faced Helmets mod v1_2.

    uploaded 2:58, 16 Jul 2013 283 12 7kb CharrGazgre

  • The Legend of Zelda - Kokiri Sword Razor Sword and Gilded Sword for Skyrim

    A Zelda mod for dagger users!
    Mesh by Christian of early CCRE for his Zelda Oot Equipment mod
    Converted to Skyrim by DMagnus
    Now with Razor and Gilded Swords! YEAAHHHHH

    uploaded 2:48, 16 Jul 2013 1,223 75 17,180kb JKalenad

  • Critical Daggers for Skyrim

    This mod changes the One-Handed Perks to give Daggers increased Critical Hit Bonuses.
    Designed mainly with Ranged Users in mind, who like to carry a dagger as a secondary weapon.

    uploaded 1:54, 16 Jul 2013 3,412 171 3kb Oriviath

  • Contractor and Mavari Armors for Skyrim

    Add 2 sets of high resolution male only and female only armor to the game.

    uploaded 1:25, 16 Jul 2013 312,231 13,551 18,513kb Zerofrost

  • Soul Gem Fragment for Skyrim

    Convert your soul gem fragments in petty soul gems or black soul gems
    Convierte tus Fragmentos de gema de alma en gemas de alma insignificantes o Gemas de alma negras

    uploaded 1:02, 16 Jul 2013 920 51 0kb incata

  • Retro Bound Weapons for Skyrim

    This is just a little mod that will change the bound weapons to look like regular daedric arms (as seen in previous TES titles).

    uploaded 0:40, 16 Jul 2013 348 20 1kb moonchilde

  • Noldorian Hadhafang Reborn and other Elven Blades for Skyrim

    This mod adds a new HD version of the fantastic Hadhafang from the LotR movies and a few variants based on the same model. These weapons are both elegant and deadly.

    uploaded 0:36, 16 Jul 2013 23,856 1,335 5,659kb EcthelionOtW

  • FNIS Zoo for Skyrim

    Always wanted to see Skyrim's creatures without having to slay or chase them? Watch all 45 creature races, tamed and from very close. And even make them perform a few tricks (aka "animations").
    Or, if you are an animation modder, use this mod as intended. A test bed for FNIS Behavior's new functionality: Add custom creature a

    uploaded 0:20, 16 Jul 2013 36,818 2,645 4,374kb fore

  • Animation Catcher for Skyrim

    This is a tool for modders that allows you to log a complete record of all animation events that are triggered for a given race. Useful for discovering when certain events occur in relation to each other or for tracking actor states that are not explicitly defined in the CK.

    uploaded 23:58, 15 Jul 2013 257 13 69kb verteiron

  • SugarNight and Sunrise bikini for Skyrim

    Bikini for SCBE(CBBE compactible)

    uploaded 21:29, 15 Jul 2013 11,053 856 15,284kb Severus616

  • Revenge of The Bards College for Skyrim

    For many years the Solitute Bards College has been mocked and hated by the grumpy nords of Skyrim, now they get their revenge, they have put down their loots,drums and flutes to fight alongside you!! Yes the Dovahkiin,Dragonborn. Almost all of the Bards in the Bards College has decided to pick up their weapons and fight as your companions, your fol

    uploaded 20:18, 15 Jul 2013 357 16 4kb Pietpompies

  • Arcania - Arcadias daughter for Skyrim

    Arcania is Arcadias daugther.
    She was caught by bandits.
    Can you free her and find her secrets?

    uploaded 19:29, 15 Jul 2013 4,215 375 22,400kb Frustzwerg