• Fallingwater Estate for Skyrim

    Fallingwater Estate is a Grand Player Lodge & Property located near Orotheim Cave.
    Not only do you get the best and most incredible view of Skyrim and the River, you also get:
    -A very cozy and very Custom dwelling for you to call home; complete with...
    +Grand Entrance/Foyer, with Several means of Displaying your finest wares found throughout

    uploaded 22:35, 3 Apr 2013 2,602 127 243kb joeyhesketh

  • Miraak for Mages for Skyrim

    Miraak gear improved to (better) fit mage-style charecters.

    uploaded 22:22, 3 Apr 2013 1,542 85 1kb Littlebigpeach

  • Isandaar Hideout for Skyrim

    this is a player home / castle mod that add's a good sized house with a basement to the world located near the Mountain next to whiterun it has all the space that you need and storage and the equipment it is also good for a good player gang hideout for you and your follower's

    Please tryout and test and please give me any feedback if you wish a

    uploaded 22:14, 3 Apr 2013 240 11 12,547kb EpicLyWhit3

  • Faithful ENB plus SweetFX for Skyrim

    The goal of this ENB is realism and to stay faithful to Boris Voronstsov's vision of ENB and faithful to Skyrim while adding additional effects that come from the SweetFX Shader suite.

    ENB Features:

    -Edge AA

    SweetFX Features:


    uploaded 22:01, 3 Apr 2013 972 54 4,459kb dives41

  • Sanguine Rose Redux for Skyrim

    -Summon a Demora for twice as long - 120 seconds
    -Enchantment is now 8000 - default was 3000, meaning more charges for more carnage.

    uploaded 21:57, 3 Apr 2013 341 23 1kb Gr3yFoX

  • Orc child for Skyrim

    Transforma o garoto Samuel em um ORC adotavél.
    Samuel turns the boy into a ORC adoptable.

    uploaded 21:01, 3 Apr 2013 88 5 1kb metal33br

  • Sagas Tomb for Skyrim

    Simple Follower with a Simple Dungeon

    uploaded 20:40, 3 Apr 2013 153 9 444kb Endolite

  • Wizard Robes for Skyrim

    This mod adds one new set based on the Greybeard Outfit, the wizard's outfit, it also adds one staff, the wizard's staff.

    uploaded 20:14, 3 Apr 2013 478 16 3kb StevenBorn

  • CHSBv3 - ADM - Osare s hot pants for Skyrim

    - conversions of the naughty pants (but not tattoo :( )
    - reworked esp to remove scripting, add tempering,
    all items in satchel in \"War Maiden, Whiterun.\"

    uploaded 19:55, 3 Apr 2013 2,941 109 6,805kb ozzking

  • Smile in HD for Skyrim

    hd HumanHuman vampires teeth texture

    uploaded 19:29, 3 Apr 2013 377,416 12,620 613kb zzjay

  • Underground Vault for Skyrim

    In this mod was added an Underground Vault in Nordic ruins where you can find a lot of training dummies, weapons racks and chests.

    uploaded 18:30, 3 Apr 2013 1,786 87 3,964kb HAobaPOT

  • Another Food Mod for Skyrim

    This mod strives to improve the usefulness of foods in Skyrim, providing an alternative to a potions and restoration magic.

    uploaded 16:49, 3 Apr 2013 554 27 5kb Rinobi