• Mask Of Corvo for Skyrim

    Adds a new 2k hi-res, craftable, Corvo-style mask with built-in thermal NPC positioning (Dark Vision) and heartbeat sensing abilities + more.

    Includes a mask variant without Dark Vision.

    uploaded 20:34, 24 Aug 2013 6,870 465 22,202kb CovertKish

  • Improved Vanilla Mountains HD for Skyrim

    An improvement for the mountains and rocks textures for those who prefer the skyrim vanilla style.

    uploaded 19:29, 24 Aug 2013 68,574 3,039 15,231kb rgabriel15

  • Conjuring a Dragon Priest for Skyrim

    With this mod you could summon a Dragon Priest to help you fight for 3 minutes!

    uploaded 19:10, 24 Aug 2013 836 38 1kb GuyRetro

  • Celestine Healer Custom AI for Skyrim

    A true breton female support character with custom AI.

    uploaded 19:02, 24 Aug 2013 112,118 3,282 7,783kb techprince

  • z ENB for Skyrim

    A bright and balanced ENB preset with realistic colors using the latest ENB dll and effects.

    uploaded 16:48, 24 Aug 2013 22,898 502 12,961kb Shrutesh

  • More Sound Options for Skyrim

    Gives you more options in the audio menu.
    Some sounds can be made louder than in the vanilla game, like waterfalls, wood chopping ore hammering.
    The "Distant" version of the mod makes some sounds hearable from a greater distance.
    This mod adds no new sounds and uses only vanilla Skyrim sounds.

    uploaded 16:25, 24 Aug 2013 5,832 454 4kb Natureboy7

  • Destruction Magic Overhaul for Skyrim

    I always thought the vanilla magic in skyrim was kinda boring. If you wanted a higher level spell, you had to use a certain type. I made this mod to allow you to choose the spell type you like. It adds more spells such as fire/frost/shock spells that you hold down, shoot, place runes, etc. Use the kind of magic you want!

    If you are worried that

    uploaded 16:25, 24 Aug 2013 3,009 127 5kb greasysweet

  • Better housecarls for Skyrim

    This mod improves houscarls ..... Not beautiful, makes them invincible and add items

    Je suis Francaise
    Ce mod ameliore les huscarls ..... Pas beau, les rend invincibles et leur ajoute des belles armures

    uploaded 11:13, 24 Aug 2013 709 32 5kb enora1

  • SXP - Skyrim Experience Mod for Skyrim

    Many kind of activity gives you Experience Point (XP). You can advance your skill with consuming XP. That means you have no need to create ton of Iron Daggers for Smithing skill up.

    uploaded 10:58, 24 Aug 2013 95,593 3,773 2kb einsobl

  • Riverside- Riverwood Home for Skyrim

    Riverside is a small player house created to allow players to take a path of their own, without having to start the main quest right away. It contains a bed, mannequin, storage, alchemy station, cooking pot, bathroom, and an underground dungeon that must be conquered to obtain the house.

    uploaded 9:25, 24 Aug 2013 971 61 74kb AClassyChap

  • Revenge Of the Enemies 2016 for Skyrim

    A mod completely improves the AI or skills of most enemies in skyrim and gives you an even more intense experience.And this mod is NO SCRIPTS.

    uploaded 6:57, 24 Aug 2013 410,092 21,029 693kb MyEvergreenHometown

  • Ansgar-Vampire-Follower for Skyrim

    Ansgar is a vampire follower converted from my own character.

    uploaded 6:36, 24 Aug 2013 575 41 2,128kb cjthibs