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  • Slaughter Fish Nemesis for Skyrim

    Slaughter Fish Nemesis Spell kills slaughterfish in a large area.

    uploaded 16:11, 19 Jun 2013 460 43 4kb shrikebot

  • Sighne Follower for Skyrim

    This mod adds badass woman as a standalone follower based on my own character!

    uploaded 15:45, 19 Jun 2013 19,173 1,468 39,687kb Azeneth

  • Karzel s Player House for Skyrim

    A new player home that soon will be re-Edited in a new skyrim mod with more features!

    uploaded 15:13, 19 Jun 2013 85 4 2,573kb sasisma

  • Custom 0132 ENB for COT for Skyrim

    Custom ENB with mid, high & ultra settings for COT, ELFX & SFO. Includes INI tweaks and before/after screens. Also it comes with diferent presets, each with 4 colour settings (warm, cold, more color, sepia). SweetFX included, SMAA, 2xsharpening, Bokeh DOF, SSAO, HDR, dark nights and caves and more.

    uploaded 11:05, 19 Jun 2013 1,379 41 198,752kb 32cm

  • Comrades of Volmyni for Skyrim

    This mod adds two followers to the game. One is an orc who specializes in melee combat, tanking, and just beating everything to death with her weapons. The other is an archer, and a very skilled Bosmer Archer. Both are found within the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. They level with you, up to level 80, their compatible with just about everyth

    uploaded 7:51, 19 Jun 2013 111 4 4kb angelofdeathzero

  • Lost island mod by shadow0987 for Skyrim

    You go on a trip to morrowind but something bad happen and guess who is behind it THE THALMOR!!!. mission kill shadow the evil thalmor leader but were is he on a huge island. you must find and kill shadow before he takes over the world shadow made 1 mistake and now he is mad.

    uploaded 6:18, 19 Jun 2013 580 23 4,904kb Shadow0987

  • FantasyVision ENB for Skyrim

    This is my personal ENB configuration I use on my installation of skyrim. It has a cinematic and fantasy look/feel. It has effects like polygonal bokeh DOF, dark nights --NOT BLUE-- nights, and complex SSAO and Indirect Lighting.

    uploaded 4:50, 19 Jun 2013 530 15 128kb braxton12

  • Nuka-Cola In Skyrim for Skyrim

    Ever Wish you Could get a Lil Blast from the Past & a Different Dimension?
    Well you can now You Can with Nuka-Cola.
    This is...Erm Kinda Lore Friendly...Well the Textures are!.
    But mainly This is For Fun and now Modders Resource!

    uploaded 4:45, 19 Jun 2013 366 17 1,356kb Unkownpix

  • Ultimate Spinning Arrows for Skyrim

    Arrows and Bolts will now spin mid flight during killcams

    uploaded 3:40, 19 Jun 2013 145,917 6,667 54kb Nofumasa

  • One Piece X - Haki Reborn for Skyrim

    This mod contains a couple of powers based upon the anime "One Piece".

    uploaded 2:56, 19 Jun 2013 11,790 576 10kb Cielox00

  • Window Shopping for Skyrim

    Wish you could buy all those things that vendors leave laying around? Now you can!

    uploaded 1:46, 19 Jun 2013 386 32 2kb thekineticeffect

  • Soul Eater for Skyrim

    must have daedric smithing to get it if not do (help soul) to get it

    uploaded 0:43, 19 Jun 2013 3,034 93 132kb zagar