• All Items for Skyrim

    There are plenty of EPIC houses, but when I got Leveler's Tower, it was pretty legit.... But there was never enough to feel full! This mods gives you every item in the game, so you can fill the chests as soon as you walk in the front door.

    uploaded 0:44, 6 Oct 2012 2,818 53 6kb kailp

  • Cyndariel for Skyrim

    In the lush world of Ta'ana, rests a country in squalor. Northbound from a land shrouded by magic, Cyndariel is a place of outcasts, misfits. This land lies on the western coast of Kamaria, the largest continent of Ta'ana. It is not an extremely large area, but within Cyndariel rests a beauty, this beautiful land of autumn, tundra, and forest is

    uploaded 0:43, 6 Oct 2012 0 0 0kb TheAnonymousWisdom

  • Companions of the White Sands for Skyrim

    Just a small personal mod I made for my own benefit.

    uploaded 0:40, 6 Oct 2012 55 0 2kb talhex

  • Kind of Blue for Skyrim

    An Imperial nobleman, Count Caerulius, lives in a forest away from the cities of Skyrim. He loves the color blue. He is an avid botanist but secretly uses magic to experiment on the flora he has collected. Will you help him?

    uploaded 22:44, 5 Oct 2012 810 31 1,365kb Adolon

  • Abel Skeever for Skyrim

    Adds Abel the skeever, a skeever follower, behind the Bannered Mare. With an item to teleport him to you, in case he gets lost.

    uploaded 22:25, 5 Oct 2012 465 17 201kb MasterZipZero

  • Lost Paladins of the Divines Wrath Armor in Italiano for Skyrim

    Traduzione in italiano della mod di Jerros

    uploaded 22:22, 5 Oct 2012 1,100 16 6kb Siegfriedm

  • Dominions More Dawnguard Marriage Candidates for Skyrim

    This mod adds 19 marriage candidates to the game, in similar vein to Dominions More Potential Marriage Candidates. Requires Dawnguard, and the NPC have Dawnguard roles or are vampires. Only 4 are not directly related to Dawnguard content. Includes a couple of Argonian and High Elf not in the vanilla game.

    uploaded 21:31, 5 Oct 2012 1,671 56 2,478kb Arron Dominion

  • City Secret Entrances for Skyrim

    Puts in a new entrance to the cities.

    uploaded 21:26, 5 Oct 2012 704 19 26kb Sch518

  • Ankh's Racial Tweaks for Skyrim

    Short Bosmer, gigantic giants, and Falmer are people too! All races logically size-adjusted for visual variation.

    Not just a cosmetic overhaul; now includes race-specific base stats and regen, and Vampire stat buffs and penalties.

    Humanoid enemies are people too! (Pickpocket, feed, and talk to them.)

    uploaded 20:12, 5 Oct 2012 957 40 9kb AnkhAscendant

  • Apocalypse - The Spell Package traduzione italiana for Skyrim

    Traduzione italiana della mod Apocalypse - The Spell Package (V2.03). Tutti i crediti vanno a EnaiSiaion creatore della mod originale.
    This is only a translation into Italian of the original mod. All credits go to EnaiSiaion the creator of the original mod.

    uploaded 19:13, 5 Oct 2012 537 6 107kb new3darot

  • Armes d-Auriel for Skyrim

    * French version of Auriel's Weaponry *
    Vous voulez des armes divines dignes d'un Enfant de Dragon ? L'equipement d'Auriel vous a decu dans Dawnguard ? Avec ce Mod, revelez le pouvoir sacre et l'authentique splendeur de l'Epee, du Bouclier et de l'Arc de l'Akatosh elfique.

    uploaded 17:08, 5 Oct 2012 441 9 22,200kb amrasanarion

  • RQ - No Fortifying Fortify Restoration for Skyrim

    No longer can you exploit the Fortify Restoration effect.

    uploaded 16:02, 5 Oct 2012 111 6 1kb AnkhAscendant