• Playable Aktoser Race for Skyrim

    The Name is actualy Aktos'er, it didn't allow me to use this char in the topic. The Aktos'er race is the best race for a Battle-Mage.

    uploaded 17:17, 1 Dec 2012 952 8 14kb MasterFqF

  • No Sun Damage for Skyrim


    uploaded 17:03, 1 Dec 2012 6,528 222 1kb Lokmi

  • IcicleValley for Skyrim

    A town high in the mountains of NE Skyrim where you can live, reside, train, and FIGHT! The title of "Lord" is yours for the taking! The quests are simple, the fights are hardcore. 222original npc in all.

    uploaded 16:50, 1 Dec 2012 10,823 389 119,093kb Ahondara

  • Amulet of the Stealth for Skyrim

    Amulet of the Stealth is a amulet that turns you invisible, muffles you and allows you to walk on water

    uploaded 16:28, 1 Dec 2012 2,765 80 100kb REAPER775

  • Immersive Weapons for Skyrim

    Immersive Weapons seeks to drastically enhance the variety of weapons in the world of Skyrim in a lore friendly way. The goal of every addition is to blend into the lore, balance and feel of the game for the most immersive experience possible.

    uploaded 16:27, 1 Dec 2012 2,707,345 100,305 389,796kb hothtrooper44

  • Frost Atronach HD Retex for Skyrim

    Change the texture of frost Atronach...

    uploaded 15:27, 1 Dec 2012 49,685 2,083 12,441kb Yuril

  • Fishing in Skyrim - French for Skyrim

    Ajoute des cannes a peche, des filets de peche, des explosifs Dwemer,
    et tout un tas d'objets sur le theme de la peche.

    uploaded 14:51, 1 Dec 2012 757 37 2,525kb antiseptique

  • Christmas Advent Calendar for Skyrim

    Did you always wanted to have an Advent Calendar in Skyrim? Now you can by downloading this mod!
    Every day I'm going to make an update at about 10am (gmt +1), so you can open the next chest. I'm going to do this until the 24. of December.

    uploaded 10:54, 1 Dec 2012 3,532 93 93,793kb totmacha

  • Seasons of Skyrim - Springtime Overhaul for Skyrim

    Winter got you down? Sick of snow? Can't wait for spring? With SoS - Springtime Overhaul, you won't have to! Changes landscape drastically and adds springtime weather system, new flowers, new grasses, new ingredients, 1000 bunnies in 4 lovely colours and a black goat.

    uploaded 10:05, 1 Dec 2012 33,109 732 2,120kb acidzebra

  • VictoriaG 200 Screens for Skyrim

    A windows screensaver featuring 200 screenshots.

    uploaded 10:01, 1 Dec 2012 4,279 367 74,964kb VictoriaG

  • Whiterun Christmas Overhaul for Skyrim

    Christmas is soon and so I decided to make this Christmas Overhaul for Whiterun to give you a Christmas feeling in Skyrim! It was really a lot of work to do this and I would be really happy if you would check this mod out and post your feedback in the comments below.
    It also adds a big christmas-tree in the middle of whiterun.

    uploaded 9:16, 1 Dec 2012 1,531 47 256kb totmacha

  • Sword arrows for Skyrim

    hhheeeelllllllooooo nexus! have you ever thought i want shoot my sword? or i wish i could strike down that bandit over there with my sword but it just won't reach? if that sounds like you then click here now!

    uploaded 8:55, 1 Dec 2012 442 13 839kb stimpson89