• Bury The Dead for Skyrim

    Have you ever felt bad about leaving your dead follower's corpse to rot forever? Ever wish you could pay your respects to them by giving them a proper burial? Bury The Dead lets you "bury" corpses, leaving a tombstone behind for posterity that you can read.

    uploaded 3:41, 11 Sep 2012 20,678 577 4kb Kentoss

  • Easy NPC creation tutorial for Skyrim

    This is a step by step basic tutorial how to create NPCs, placement, using NPC editor and CK combined, tips, how to export your game char to create an NPC, lots of screenshots and more, everything you need to start your own NPC project.
    Many did ask me how do i create my NPCs and for a tutorial so here it is.

    uploaded 3:26, 11 Sep 2012 15,731 399 625kb BravoOskar

  • Research Thief for Skyrim

    This mod finishes and activates Research Thief- an unfinished, unmarked College of Winterhold sidequest in which the player is asked to steal Faralda's research notes and bring them to Nirya. The player is also given the option of turning Nirya in to Faralda.

    Note that whoever you complete the quest for will become a potential marriage candidat

    uploaded 1:50, 11 Sep 2012 9,108 524 9kb TC01

  • De-Leveled Dragons for Skyrim

    Ever wanted to fight one off the new dragons from Dawngard but didn't want to go around with your warrior and start casting magic or pickpocketing people? Well then try this mod out

    uploaded 1:34, 11 Sep 2012 139 4 1kb DeanContreras

  • Roi Vampire_King Vampire_Appearance Harkon for Skyrim

    Ce mod modifie l'apparence de votre forme de Seigneur Vampire pour lui faire prendre celle d'Harkon ! Il change également la texture de base des ailes afin de rendre le skin moins fade.

    This mod changes the appearance of your shape Vampire Lord to make him take it to Harkon! It also changes the basic texture of the wings to make the skin less

    uploaded 0:57, 11 Sep 2012 496 11 23,018kb Kuuyuketsuki

  • Vampire master set - Brazilian Translation for Skyrim

    Este mod adiciona um conjunto completo feito especialmente para vampiros!

    uploaded 0:57, 11 Sep 2012 835 8 3kb ForgottenBr

  • Arvak for Skyrim

    This mod aims to improve the summon-able Dawnguard horse 'Arvak' by adding new abilities (lightning, Frost, and Fire Cloak) that activate when in combat. I have also made him permanent (no time limit), but you can use the new scripted toggle summon spell to enable/disable him at will.

    uploaded 0:54, 11 Sep 2012 2,958 58 34kb H0bbs

  • ApachiiSkyHair NPC Overhaul by Spewed - Female Only Version for Skyrim

    Female Only Version of Apachii's ApachiiSkyHair NPC Overhaul by Spewed

    uploaded 0:16, 11 Sep 2012 75,189 826 219kb renraw

  • Jewelers Extended for Skyrim

    This mod adds a total of 70 amulets and 70 rings to the game, as well as vanilla circlet crafting.

    uploaded 23:48, 10 Sep 2012 2,590 82 6,349kb NateNexus

  • Akatoshs Axe for Skyrim

    Imbue dragon bones with the power of an amulet of Akatosh to create an axe dedicated to the golden dragon of time.

    uploaded 22:56, 10 Sep 2012 4,202 92 1,038kb Tzontlimixtli

  • The Batcave for Skyrim

    A custom set of weapons and armor based on various concept arts I've seen for a dark ages style Batman. It's placed in a cave which comprises a basic house mod complete with storage chest, bed, Batforge, alchemy and enchanting stations.

    uploaded 22:49, 10 Sep 2012 25,825 407 83kb the_rotton_core

  • Breton level 1 with all skills at 100 - 3 versions available for Skyrim

    Level 1/81 Breton with every skill maxed - distribute all perks and attributes freely. Very few quests logged, only one finished (Unbound). Very clean map, without clutter that gets in the way of exploring. No cheats used.
    Available as a pure human, werewolf or vampire lord.

    uploaded 22:24, 10 Sep 2012 736 8 9,608kb NomanPeopled