• DovahToon Shader for ENB for Skyrim

    Tired of all the realistic looking shaders? Want your game to look like crap like the good old days? Or maybe you miss that posterized look of old comic books? Then get ready for some eye bleeding!

    uploaded 17:02, 31 Oct 2013 380 31 2kb soulwynd

  • Storage Facility V2 for Skyrim

    This is the second version of my first mod I have made on Skyrim, so please post with things I can update and cool ideas that I can implement into the mod! This mod in a nutshell is a large area to store whatever you want and much more! Current Version: V2.0.0.4

    uploaded 15:37, 31 Oct 2013 214 7 25kb H0N4X

  • Lakeside Cabin Redone for Skyrim

    This is a reworked model of my previous mod, Lakeside Cabin. This new version adds many features and details that were lacking from the original.

    uploaded 15:33, 31 Oct 2013 284 13 66kb nolif3

  • Tweak Legendary Difficulty Damage for Skyrim

    Change the damage magnification of Legendary difficulty.

    uploaded 15:30, 31 Oct 2013 10,595 299 31kb gekkou1992

  • Improved shiv for Skyrim

    A basic mod to improve the shivs stats in game

    uploaded 12:14, 31 Oct 2013 178 16 1kb crashking54

  • What is this I dont even for Skyrim

    So- This is a rather pointless mod. If you feel like wasting time doing some pointless crap with a generic loot at the end; feel free to try this mod.

    uploaded 9:29, 31 Oct 2013 52 5 89kb Tentain

  • Better Bards by MK for Skyrim

    Bards should be heroic and ready for adventure, right? Well now they are! This mod makes all of the tavern dwelling bards (that previously just hung out and drank beer) into competent companions that can even be married. Thanks to Apachii the custom hairs are now included in this standalone version.

    uploaded 8:41, 31 Oct 2013 3,253 224 28,483kb Murielkai

  • Embershard - full base for Skyrim

    Embershard - now with smelter, tanning rack, alchemy lab, cooking spit, enchanting table, hunting bow. And with no bandits.

    uploaded 7:51, 31 Oct 2013 263 19 3kb ScopAfaceri

  • Enhanced Animation for Skyrim

    This mod changes one-Handed , two-Handed, bow, crossbow, and mage (running and walking animation) except for left hand attacks and 1 hand attack power forward.
    also changes swimming and sneaking animation, Bergzore normal running and sprinting with waving cloak.

    uploaded 6:13, 31 Oct 2013 241,229 13,275 16,393kb L0rd0fWar

  • Blacksmith Followers for Skyrim

    A mod which allows the blacksmiths of Skyrim to continue selling and buying goods from anywhere once they've become a follower. *WIP*

    uploaded 5:19, 31 Oct 2013 27 2 14kb Xander9009

  • Occupy Helgen for Skyrim

    A small mod which makes Helgen Keep usable as a player home.

    uploaded 1:58, 31 Oct 2013 418 20 2kb Xander9009

  • Dragons Blood Camp for Skyrim

    Add a small campsite in riverhood, in which you can develop any thing, because it has:

    -> Workbench
    -> Anvil
    -> Grindstone
    -> Table of enchantments
    -> Alchemy Lab
    -> Chest
    -> Barrels
    -> Sleeping Bag
    -> Tent
    -> Table and bench

    uploaded 1:05, 31 Oct 2013 341 7 8kb xXchoplinatorXx