• Pure Weather - AOS 2 Patch for Skyrim

    A compatibility patch for Pure Weather v2.0 by Laast and Audio Overhaul for Skyrim v2.1 by LoRd KoRn

    uploaded 17:19, 28 Sep 2014 3,623 426 7kb keithinhanoi

  • The Ledge for Skyrim

    A small player house located on the side of a mountain. Includes a Anvil, bed and storage.

    uploaded 15:42, 28 Sep 2014 2,305 174 4kb sweetums

  • Despair Armors for Skyrim

    This mod adds some of the colorful weapons and armors of the short fantasy movie DESPAIR to Skyrim.

    uploaded 14:53, 28 Sep 2014 2,284 157 18,586kb BramKnolMods

  • Skyrim HD Foxes for Skyrim

    A simple mod that i put together for those who would like the default, ugly fox skin to be replaced with something a bit more high definition.

    uploaded 14:24, 28 Sep 2014 837 92 5,065kb fi5h1fishy

  • Inhabitants of Skyrim - German for Skyrim

    Eine einfache √úbersetzung der Mod "Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul" von Rops1981

    uploaded 14:15, 28 Sep 2014 532 34 355kb MelodyOfNight

  • iActivate for Skyrim

    Immersive Activate removes the small icon and adjacent text that indicates what action is available when activating an object, whether it is talking to a person, opening a door, searching a chest or what have you. This mod helps improves immersion by surpressing the notion that you are playing a game.


    uploaded 11:21, 28 Sep 2014 116,080 6,401 56kb MilletGtR

  • Wingless Followers for Skyrim

    Two custom, fully-voiced followers to choose from, with special optional skills, functionalities, and personalities.

    uploaded 5:15, 28 Sep 2014 1,636 135 82,234kb ScytheEvie

  • Vampire Vanilla Armor Replacer - Newmiller Cuirass UNPB BBP - UNPB TBBP - CBBE - CBBE TBBP - 7BASE TBBP for Skyrim

    This is a vanilla replacer for the UNPB BBP version. All features of the original mod are still available in this replacer (i.e. craftable and wearable by character). When the mod is installed all vanilla female vampires armors in Skyrim and Dawnguard will be replaced.

    uploaded 4:29, 28 Sep 2014 54,688 2,566 75,450kb woody1213

  • Lethi's Batch File for Skyrim

    This file legally levels you up to level 81, unlocks all perks, gives 1,000,000 nord hero arrows (strongest in game), gives 100,000 gold, and a Nightingale bow.
    to use the file enter the file and type "bat Lethi" without the quotes

    -note, also makes it so you have unlimited shouts

    uploaded 1:34, 28 Sep 2014 304 17 2kb WIBBICK

  • Rorikstead but slightly better for Skyrim

    This mod adds a little bit more flora to Rorikstead. The people of Rorikstead prayed to Kynareth for more fertile land and with it more trees. This mod also adds 2 more houses, both of which are burnt down but one has a dark secret to do with the prays to kynareth (a small human sacrifice shrine along with the murder weapon).

    uploaded 23:44, 27 Sep 2014 583 61 42kb BarronTV1

  • Common Dragons for Skyrim

    This is a simple mod made to make dragons more common in your skyrim game.

    uploaded 19:59, 27 Sep 2014 4,988 267 0kb AnAmazingUsername

  • Craftable Clothes for Skyrim

    craftable clothes, boots, hats, and almost every clothing material already in the game at a tanning rack. the clothes themselves require linen wrap, shoes require leather and strips, and every clothes has extra materials based on their color. finally, some clothes are locked until you finish certain quests, such as dark brother hood clothes, or gre

    uploaded 17:43, 27 Sep 2014 2,957 284 111kb paulhanna