• Easy custom weapon import export guide for Skyrim

    Just a simple guide to easier import and export weapon from nif to blender back to nif again.
    without the need to use obj, dae or guessing.

    uploaded 10:28, 3 Oct 2014 375 32 193kb bananbro

  • Roman Legionary Shield for Skyrim

    This is a ancient Roman style shield based on the typical shield a legionary would carry.

    uploaded 10:07, 3 Oct 2014 1,920 142 2,224kb RenderLegion

  • The Paladin for Skyrim

    This mod basically adds a framework and abilities to emulate a Paladin class. It uses a new pool called Piety to manage how many Paladin abilitiescan be used within a 24hr time frame (game time). It also attempts to track the players actions and penalize the Piety pool appropriately. In most other Paladin class definitions, magic is a no-no, but in

    uploaded 9:41, 3 Oct 2014 717 37 37kb Mstrgareth

  • YuiH StandAlone Follower - Eva for Skyrim

    Height 0.99 Weight 100
    Location: Solitude Temple of the Divines
    Default Outfit: Daedric Armor
    Weapon: Daedric Battleaxe
    Combat style: 2H Warrior
    Perk: Full perk of Heavy Armor, Light Armor, One-handed,

    uploaded 7:05, 3 Oct 2014 30,211 1,931 17,289kb yui0820

  • Aela House Armor for Skyrim

    Custom Armors for made with characters in mind.

    uploaded 5:30, 3 Oct 2014 1,059 55 170kb foster xbl

  • Tania the Hermit for Skyrim

    Join a little cute elf follower, Tania. She is wandering around Skyrim to solve her own questions. You are the only one who can help Tania because you are the Dragonborn.

    - Last Update: V3.5 (NOV. 13, 2014)

    uploaded 4:52, 3 Oct 2014 397,955 15,289 52kb Kasprutz

  • The Wheels of Lull for Skyrim

    Return to Sotha Sil and enter the stranger side of TES lore, as you join the ranks of the mysterious Chronographers in this fully voiced DLC sized quest mod that adds over 10 new quests, multiple new armors and weapons, sprawling dungeons, unique boss fights, and much much more!

    uploaded 3:32, 3 Oct 2014 211,665 9,497 256,412kb Caithe

  • Blood-Stalker Cave (Hideout) for Skyrim

    A small Vampiric Cave to house some small belongings and to snooze during the day. Just west of High Gates Ruins. West of Dawnstar Imperial Camp. NO DLC Required!!!!!

    uploaded 2:30, 3 Oct 2014 184 15 28kb Jrew

  • ONE MOUNTAIN - To Rule Them All for Skyrim

    This mod that aims to improve both the appearance and performance of the Skyrim mountains and rocks by having a single mountain texture. This makes for better blending in the meshes, and allows you to run higher resolution textures without hurting performance.

    uploaded 0:27, 3 Oct 2014 92,829 2,847 2,189kb Gamwich

  • Dark Dawnguard for Skyrim

    Dark/Black Texture replace for Dawnguard armor, weapons and Flag/Banner.

    uploaded 22:48, 2 Oct 2014 1,038 75 119,277kb UndeadSadness

  • Arctic Lodge for Skyrim

    uploaded 21:42, 2 Oct 2014 56 5 69kb ROBINHOODLM

  • Noldor Content Pack for Skyrim

    - 4 Armor Sets x 2 tiers
    - 3 new weapons x 2 tiers
    - Male and female supported
    - All races supported
    - Weight slider support
    - Unique world models.

    uploaded 19:45, 2 Oct 2014 113,402 5,035 65,491kb maty743