• Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Wielder mod for Skyrim

    This is a mod that adds summonable Keyblades to Skyrim! All meshes and textures are from scratch, and currently, I encountered a problem that broke all my textures.. But I will make new ones in the future! So far, the Keyblades Kingdom Key, Oathkeeper, and Wayward Wind have been created. To obtain the spells, use "help summon 0" and

    uploaded 1:58, 3 Apr 2014 2,870 214 832kb rncg15

  • Lumberjacked for Skyrim

    Lumberjacked allows players to earn XP for chopping firewood, lifting logs, and sawing lumber. The mod also fixes an issue where the Wood-Cutter's Axe was not properly recognized as a One-Handed weapon in combat.

    uploaded 1:40, 3 Apr 2014 1,735 143 14kb KainXavier

  • One-Handed Fists for Skyrim

    One-Handed Fists allows players to improve their One-Handed skill through unarmed combat. In turn, unarmed combat is affected by the One-Handed skill and its perks. Great care has been taken to make the mod as seamless and compatible as possible.

    uploaded 1:14, 3 Apr 2014 2,545 185 17kb KainXavier

  • Seraphim Outfit Physic for Skyrim

    Seraphim outfit retexture and add physic effect for the tie, and fallwish lady idle for female.

    uploaded 22:31, 2 Apr 2014 28,392 1,367 24,375kb dualsun

  • Darkwater Den - Argonian themed home for Skyrim

    Argonians asked me to build them a home so I did. Inspired by Black Marsh ESO art and pics scoured from the tubes, I have created the perfect home cave for people who like to live in jungle swamps, but still keep their class. Unique features and display, beautiful clutter and textures, lots of storage.

    uploaded 20:59, 2 Apr 2014 29,271 2,394 66,223kb Elianora

  • Real Shelter - Full Release for Skyrim

    Real Shelter stops rain and snow from falling through overhead cover. Yes really. You are welcome. Now visually compatible with almost all weathers and ENB Presets. You are...more welcome...?

    uploaded 18:52, 2 Apr 2014 571,075 24,065 21kb Robinsage

  • Mixed Unit tactics - deutsch for Skyrim

    Die deutsche Übersetzung von "Mixed Unit Tactics" - komplette Ingame-Übersetzung.

    uploaded 16:17, 2 Apr 2014 265 25 27kb Verodor

  • Master Mage Annabella for Skyrim

    Tired of having to recruit many mages to cover all the magic groups? Well Not any-more, Annabella covers them all, and does them with POWER!

    uploaded 15:33, 2 Apr 2014 343 29 137kb Ironhide02

  • Order my Items - deutsch for Skyrim

    Komplette Übersetzung von Order my Items - Ingame-Nachrichten, sowie MCM-Menü

    uploaded 15:10, 2 Apr 2014 457 43 12kb Verodor

  • Brooke In Skyrim for Skyrim

    A female follower based on a character I created for Fallout 3

    uploaded 15:03, 2 Apr 2014 1,035 127 5,938kb NeilUK02

  • Reddit Aliens in Skyrim for Skyrim

    Puts a bunch of Reddit Aliens in Skyrim. Kill them to harvest their upvotes.

    uploaded 10:25, 2 Apr 2014 307 16 389kb superkarateninja

  • Save Overhaul for Skyrim

    You know how you save right before you pickpocket someone, pick a lock, or go into combat? Just in case, right? With Save Overhaul you are relieved of this temptation, for it prevents you from manually saving, and instead, saves for you at key points in your journey. This way, you are forced to face the consequences of your actions!

    uploaded 9:51, 2 Apr 2014 725 44 2kb sokco816