• Ivory the Fennec Mage for Skyrim

    Ivory is a mage follower that uses the custom fennec race mod.

    uploaded 19:04, 23 Jul 2015 64 2 4,112kb FoxyFullmoon

  • Realistic Creatures for Skyrim

    Ever think that the creatures in skyrim are too big? I know you have so I made almost all of the creatures the real life size of the real life creatures to make it more Immersive.

    uploaded 18:49, 23 Jul 2015 81 5 31kb JustATac0

  • Eden Follower for Skyrim

    Elven Follower Witchblade
    Standalone UNPB-CBBE Optional Serana Replacer

    uploaded 18:48, 23 Jul 2015 1,284 59 29,647kb Witcherknight

  • Ichigo Hollow mask - Bleach for Skyrim

    adds Beach Hollow mask

    uploaded 18:36, 23 Jul 2015 145 3 602kb Blade1634

  • Tweaks No Orb CandleLight Fix for Skyrim

    This mod simply removes the annoying floating orb associated with CandleLight spell. Magelight still has its orb. No possible conflicts.

    uploaded 14:32, 23 Jul 2015 161 22 18kb Tweak1971

  • Dread Prison FRENCH for Skyrim

    Bienvenue dans la Prison de l'Effroi. Basée sur l'ancien mod Prison of Despair, ce mod vous permet de disposer de votre propre prison ! Vous pouvez y expédier absolument qui vous voulez, des bandits aux jarls en passant par les gardes et les regarder moisir en cellule. Une arène permettra aussi d'apporter un peu de divertissement

    uploaded 13:28, 23 Jul 2015 171 4 9,996kb Makshame

  • Armour Reforging for Skyrim

    Tired of having stacks of 20 or so of the same boring old Armour? Want to look like the real Dovahkiin without getting beaten to a pulp? Well now you don't have to! Simply reforge 2 of the same item into a single more powerful variant! Up to a maximum of +5!

    uploaded 11:45, 23 Jul 2015 109 5 2kb Omnibruce

  • Shadow Cat armor Retexture for Skyrim

    HDT Shadow Cat armor CBBE - Retextured - SILVERCAT ARMOR

    uploaded 10:22, 23 Jul 2015 273 17 13,819kb Lovely999

  • easier ancient nord armor for Skyrim

    i allways liked the way ancient nordic armor looked but by the time i could make it or find it i had way better armor. so i made this to make this mod so i could forge it easier

    uploaded 9:52, 23 Jul 2015 14 1 1kb MattiusX

  • Thickets for Skyrim

    this mod replaces the ugly looking thickets.

    resolution: 1024 x 512

    extract the file into your skyrim main directory or install via your mod manager.

    enjoy and thank you for downloading.


    uploaded 9:09, 23 Jul 2015 224 16 356kb nanoman2000

  • The Iron Grotto for Skyrim

    Uncover the haunted ruins of an ancient dwemer ruin that exists beneath the city of Whiterun to find powerful relics and a forge that the dwemer guard even in death and obviously wished to keep a secret... (Includes Dwemer Spectres, Dwemer Skeletons, and other new enemies.)

    uploaded 8:24, 23 Jul 2015 108 5 215kb Zeeb

  • Master-file converter for Skyrim

    Master-file converter is a tiny but very useful for modmakers program that converts .esp files to .esm and back only in one click.

    uploaded 7:31, 23 Jul 2015 206 20 54kb apenov