• Angel Vixen Armor - CBBEv3 Curvy for Skyrim

    Steel (and Ebony for the Dark version) based, skimpy, armor for the CBBEv3 curvy body.

    This is the second armor I created after my Spearhead Catsuit.
    Used what I had learned from the first atempt and made this which is technically
    a far better model while I still lack texturing skills.

    uploaded 11:13, 2 Oct 2014 11 0 20,017kb bananbro


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    uploaded 9:48, 2 Oct 2014 11 0 6kb alphatrax

  • Soldiers of Skyrim for Skyrim

    This mod adds a more realistic version of Immersion . Stormcloaks, Imperials, and bandits spawn from camps in each hold and will travel to the hold at the opposite side of the map. Their paths purposely avoid the cities of Solitude, Whiterun, Riften and Markarth in order to prevent screen freezes. They still go through morthal, winterhold, and Fa

    uploaded 7:42, 2 Oct 2014 18 0 16kb Russia2012

  • Anna NPCs 2_0 for Skyrim

    8 highly interactive Followers with enhanced AI: quest aware, fully voiced, new songs, party banter, several quests, set home, set wardrobe, horse riding, marriable!

    uploaded 7:05, 2 Oct 2014 215 14 2,486kb Anduniel

  • unofficial Requiem 1.8 compatibility patches for Skyrim

    I love Requiem 1.8. It is a great overhaul mod, but is not compatible with many other great mods I love. I made compatible patches by using TES5Edit, and I would provide them.

    uploaded 5:37, 2 Oct 2014 40 0 77kb rakugan

  • Blackreach The Silent City for Skyrim

    Explore the unknow world of the ancient dwemer ruins in hardcode by starting a new life there...

    uploaded 3:39, 2 Oct 2014 28 0 1,926kb salvadorc17

  • WIP - Loki Lafeyson - Voiced Follower for Skyrim

    Adds a voiced follower highly based on Loki from the Thor/Avengers movies.

    uploaded 3:24, 2 Oct 2014 20 0 39,921kb T3alrose

  • EWIs HD East Empire Sign for Skyrim

    EWIs HD East Empire Sign

    just a little work.
    my new texture for the East Empire Sign by request. i hope you like.

    resolution: 1k

    uploaded 1:29, 2 Oct 2014 135 13 1,678kb ewi65

  • Michonne for Skyrim

    Whether she is in the land of The Walking Dead or in Skyrim - this is one badass female your character can get into.

    uploaded 1:03, 2 Oct 2014 20 2 1kb gary62

  • Aetherius Magic The Ancient Sanctuary of the Deceived for Skyrim

    ::::Epic Spell Package::::
    Aetherius Magic is a passion project of mine filled with exciting new spells you can’t find anywhere else. The lore of the Elder Scrolls is rich with fantastic stories illuminating to the mind pulling players deep into a world not their own. By using the existing lore I have created an immersive experience you

    uploaded 0:56, 2 Oct 2014 192 2 299,678kb Advocus

  • Follow Me for Skyrim

    Allows enemy npcs to follow you through cells, including from inside a dungeon to the outside world. And Vice versa. Raises immersion by realistically having aggresive enemies persue you anywhere.

    uploaded 23:00, 1 Oct 2014 172 3 6kb tonycubed2

  • Wintermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim for Skyrim

    Wintermyst adds 104 brand new enchantments to the game, accessible through thousands of new enchanted items that are integrated seamlessly into loot lists and vendor inventories.

    uploaded 22:54, 1 Oct 2014 510 16 1,572kb EnaiSiaion