Throat of the World House by Jonki
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A house at the highest point of the world, usable by the Dovahkiin. After certain point of the story dragon(s) will circle the house.

To access the house, you'll first have to find the key hidden nearby. I'll tell the location in the end of this description if you don't want to spend time looking.

- Two floors + basement + storage area
- Eight mannequins total
- Plenty of weapon racks and display cases
- Every kind of crafting station


Drop TotWHouse.esp into the Skyrim data folder. To uninstall just delete or deactivate it.

A Spanish translation can be found here. (Many thanks to obla)


- Navmeshes are unfinished

I tried to stay clear of the most important areas where the main questline takes place. Some minor glitches may occur with NPC's in the area but there shouldn't be any game-breaking issues. Other mods will work fine unless they modify the same area.

Should you find any issues, don't hesitate to report them either here or Steam. However, I'm new to modding so please be patient while I figure everything out.

v. 1.0 (5/20/2012)
- Added a new floor containing more mannequins, weapon racks etc...
- Improvements to exterior
- This is pretty much the final version. I might end up doing one more update, depending on the amount of free time & motivation.

v. 0.2.1 (3/4/2012)
- Extended basement
- Added music

v. 0.2 (02/25/2012)
- Finalized interior layout
- Lighting fixes
- Fixed some minor issues

v. 0.11 (02/17/2012)
- Added ambience
- Fixed bookshelves
- Removed 3 broken mannequins and added 1 working one
- A few tweaks here and there

v. 0.1 (02/15/2012)
- Initial release

The house key can be found behind the Nordic wall nearby (the one you learn the shouts from). There's a chest in which you'll find the key.
The basement key is between the upstairs bed and the wall.