No Health Regen by StannieDum
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Added: 16/02/2012 - 10:17PM
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No Health Regen by StannieDum

If you disliked Bethesda's decision to go the way of all modern
shooters and include automatic health regeneration in the game,
this mod is probably for you. It's ideal if you prefered the old
'Oblivion' style of play where you had to actively heal yourself,
rather than the game automatically doing it for you.

It is a very simple modification that completely removes the
automatic health regeneration from all the game's playable races.

Spells, potions and foods that restore health are unaffected and
will continue to work as normal.

To install, simply place the plug-in in the game's Data folder and
ensure that it is activated in the launcher.

16 February 2012