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A short quest will lead you to a new obsidian armor and weapon set.
Start the quest by travelling to Markarth. A journal page can be found near Calcelmo (the Dwemer researcher).


The weapons and armor is based on the (hires) original Dwarven textures, but with large metal parts replaced by Obsidian. It should not conflict with mods that alters the Dwarven Armor. The Armor is Light, with base armor rating very similar to Dragonscale armor.

The methods used to prepare the obsidian, making it usable as armor, has been lost together with the Dwemer. This means you will not be able to reproduce it (so it is unique), but you should be able to find all the materials you need to upgrade the equipment.

  • Major expansion of the dungeon.
  • Complete set of obsidian weapons added.
  • A source for obsidian ore added.
  • Light armor perks now correctly affects the armor.

Confirmed bug/conflicts:
  • None so far...

Fun fact:
The model and texture files for malachite ("glass") is actually named "Obsidian" in the game files. Bethesda likely considered adding obsidian to the game at some point!

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