A Realistic Hope ENB The photorealistic ENB by Sharpshooter8
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Added: 16/02/2012 - 05:07PM
Updated: 10/04/2014 - 08:39PM

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Last updated at 20:39, 10 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 17:07, 16 Feb 2012

New version 1.5 on the way featuring photorealistic skin and hair. Water bug with 1.5 and glowing water at night fix rolled into 1. Brighter nights and better lighted interiors and hopefully another performance version by diegog5

Tired of looking for your perfect enb? Look no more! First off this is a very power hungry enb mod, only use it if you have a high end pc! :D If you wan't to use character creation, Hit f12 and then hit it again once your done :P

Soft shadows which aren't very dark like most enb- check screenshots
Sun stare effect
Realistic dark nights with no blue tint
Dynamic bokeh, almost hexagonal dof
Vibrant lighting without increasing the brightness too much
Highest quality Ssao and bloom
Realistic indirect illumination
Rich colours
water looks Photorealistic
The sun is Blinding
Realistic Lighting
Metal now look metallic, swords, armour etc.
skin looks photorealistic

Crossfire compatibility:
'I tried your classic version with my crossfire and it's still blurry, but i found a fix wich should work for all the crossfire's users. Just right click on your desktop, open the catalyst control center, then go into "3D applications profiles", choose in the list at the bottom the profile of "assassin's creed", then go back to the top and select "new application" in the list, choose the "TESV.exe" when the browse window pops up, and it's done :) I tried with a few ENB presets and all are working now, the screen is just flickering when you press "escap" in the game'


Extract the downloaded mod to your Skyrim directory, not data, where the games launcher is found. Also download the glowing water at night fix from the downloads and extract it the same way.


Go into you skyrim pref ini its in my documents
and change these if you haven't already

Last really important ini tweak if you wan't to play better in third person :)

To play or look at your character in third person copy and paste this into you skyrim ini located in my documents



You may wan't to consider changing Ugrids values to increase visuals (Warning can damage savegames, look it up first!!!)

Thank you, please endorse and subscribe on youtube! :D

Videos and screenshots, must see!

Outdated v1.0 video


Credits go to the amazing user wildeyes for giving me something to start with. cheers man, don't know how I can ever repay you! :D
Credits to Jasmin for letting people use his dof and 3D anaglyph!
Credits to Diegog 5 for screenshots, performance version and great support and feedback
Credits to JJC71 for some great advice and support!
Credits also go to ENBseries creator's Boris Vorontsov for ENB
Credits to Matso for permission to use his dof
Credits to Sung9533 for his configuration of matso's dof
Credits to Maevin2, Esthin, CampingCameron and bloodshot79 for their legendary screenshots
Credits to Confidence man for his glowing water at night fix, he gave me permission to include!
Credits to tromezee for finding a crossfire fix
Credits to Althear for permission to include his water fix
Credits to the realistic lighting with customisation team!
Credits to Isoku for giving me permission to include his sunglare

And most importantly!
The users of A realistic Hope enb, for great feedback and support! I mean it thanks guys :)