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NEW UPDATE!!! Feb. 18, 2002
Please read below and look at the photos of the new Alchemy Platform!!!

Name: Riverside Cabin - Chrome Edition
Version Update: 1.20, 1.21, 1.22, and 1.23
Date: Feb 18, 2012
Author: entropiachrome


Original file:
Riverside Cabin for new Adventurers
by MalleusNoctum


WARNING: Installing this mod will overwrite the original file “thecabin.esp” as I did NOT change the name. If you already have the original version by MalleusNoctum installed, I would strongly recommend that you remove all possessions from the cabin prior to installing this version.


I am completely new to modding, and had no idea how to create a player home. After looking at dozens of player-designed home files available for download here on SkyrimNexus, I discovered this simple yet elegant player cabin designed by MalleusNoctum.

Since this particular cabin along the river is almost exactly how I would have designed a home myself, I was inspired to learn a bit more about the Creation Kit to see what I could do to refine the interior and exterior to suit my personal needs. Since I think it came out pretty decent, I figured I would upload it here for others to use.

Changes and upgrades (Outside):
* Changed one chair
* Relocated fishing pole
* Removed a lantern and empty crate
* Small adjustments to the torch lighting on the porch

Changes and upgrades (Inside):
* Changed fireplace from embers to logs, adjusted light source
* More food supplies, dish ware, and usable cutlery on the shelves and table
* Reduced size of elk antlers above the fireplace
* Changed angle of chairs

Additions (Outside):
* Wood chopping block and woodpile just outside the home
* Archery range to the west behind the home
* Harvestable salmon on the porch
* Added round table, lantern with candle lighting, and some mead
* Two lantern posts lighting the bridge to Riverwood
* Marker on the map, fast-travel enabled

UPDATE Feb 18, 2012:
All updated versions had two chairs (one inside, one outside) changed to allow for more natural seating animation while entering and exiting the chair. Also, random items in the storage chest and dresser have been removed so they are empty when you first arrive in the cabin.

MAIN and OPTIONAL FILES (choose one):

Version 1.20: Main file, basic cabin
Version 1.21: Optional Cooking Pot ONLY
Version 1.22: Optional Alchemy Platform ONLY
Version 1.23: Adds BOTH the Cooking Pot and the Alchemy Platform

INSTALLATION: Place thecabin.esp file into your Skyrim Data Folder or use the Download Manager

Bugs: Slight clipping of the avatar feet when using the woodchopping block and the cooking pot, but it does not affect use. Also, I'm not positive the hanging food items (salmon/pheasant/rabbit) will respawn. Other than that, no known issues.


MalleusNoctum for creating the original file TheCabin.esp
Please credit and endorse MalleusNoctum for his original file.

Bethesda for creating TES V: Skyrim and the Creation Kit