Dragon Priest Masks Refined by jphillips8
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Dragon Masks Refined -- jphillips8

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This is my attempt to make the Dragon Priest Masks more useful without turning the game into god mode.
I tried to make each mask useful for different builds, and tried to make each one unique from the others.

As I was first collecting the masks, I felt that many of them were very lackluster considering that they are unique and hard to get.
Many of them had no use at all or could be outclassed by player-made enchantments. This is my way of making them something worth using, and
something that isn't garbage once you reach 100 in enchanting. I did turn all of the masks to clothing and remove their armor rating for balance.

There are two optional versions, one that makes the whole set light armor for light armor perks and one that does the same for heavy armor. All enchantments are the same as the original set, and the armor ratings are the same as an Elven Helmet for the light set and a Orcish Helmet for the heavy set.

-Fortify Health 50 Points
-Fortify Magicka 50 Points
-Fortify Stamina 50 Points

-One-Handed is 25% better
-Two-Handed is 25% better
-Archery is 25% better

-Magicka Regenerates 200% Faster

-Increases Magic Resistance 25%
-Increases Armor Rating 100 Points

-Resistance against fire, frost and shock is improved 50%

-Stamina Regenerates 200% Faster

-Wearer is muffled and moves silently
-Fortify Sneak 25%
-Backstab does double damage

-Prices are 25% better
-Carry 50 points more
-Can breate underwater

Install in the Skyrim Data directory.

My mod will not conflict with anything that doesn't affect the stats of the masks, anything that alters them visually will be compatible with my mod.

If you enjoy my mod please remember to endorse so others will be more likely to try it out.

V1.0 Original upload of cloth version with improved enchantments.
V1.1 Uploaded Light and Heavy Armor version of original for role players and related perks.
V1.2 Fixed an issue with the cloth version that negated the mage armor perk.