Enlarged Dwarven Storeroom with Unique Ancient Dwemer Armor by InwardScreams
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Dwarven Store Room modification with an unique, non craftable Ancient Dwemer Armor, with unique enemies as well. See the video!

The Dwarven Storeroom is located South East of Windhelm or the far North of Riften right next to the Dwarven factory, you can access that room by going through a closed gate, just lockpick it (expert), then go right through another door, expert lockpick again, after that just follow the path to the new area and claim the armor.

Armor location: Inside Dwemer Store Room, which console code is: coc mzulft04z
---------------------------------------------------------==========>PLEASE READ THIS:<===============---------------------------------------------------

-====Armor Stats Without Perks: =====-
Rating 100; weight pounds version 50; weight kg version 22.2; value 6500
Rating 41; weight pounds version 10; weight kg version 4.4; value 1250
Rating 41; weight pounds version 10; weight kg version 4.4; value 1250
Rating 48; weight pounds version 12; weight kg version 5.3; value 3260
Rating 56; weight pounds version 18; weight kg version 8.2; value 3200

The weight measures in kilograms were made to fit with this mod: and pounds to fit
with the default measurement of the game.

About lore subject:
I do not like the default dwarven armor art, so I decided to use its mesh to create a whole new armor, looking for an art concept dwarven ancestors would have created /used before the dwarvens that created the armor placed in game had all of their 'advanced metal ability', like if this armor was an obsolete version of it, a relic found by you. Just think about the evolution of human species for example, first we used stones, than we used metals.. and this can not be very different from the possible history of the race we are discussing about. My point is, (going deeper now) even if they were separeted from the other elven cultures in some point, a cultural differentiation had to be happening for a quite long time (and a huge, old one to cause such harm), that is why I think the dwemer culture was raising in a parallel line with the others (thing that causes some artistic and militaristic differentiation), but, in some point, they've discovered the use of metal and used this advanced tecnology to excel themselves aganist this races, and from that point ultil their disappearance I agree that they've only used metal craft tecniques. Furthermore, our mind (that may not be much different from the dwemers) is uncapable of thinking on perfect opposites without using previous knowledge and models, for example, try to create a functional terrestrial animal without using articulations, cartilages or a sidewinding sistem that is not carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous... it is impossible, that is why their culture had to be growing for a few centuries even with a life inside other cultural ideas, there is no logic in a complete and sudden rupture. But, I'll not be discussing lore issues anymore, since I am truely satisfied with the retexture I've made knowing it makes sense.. And I do not understand why such harm happened as Skyrimnexus is fulfilled whit anime/manga, sexualized and imature modification files and no one (or just a few) is there to say that it does not makes sense.

Special Thanks and Credits to:
User: morpheas768

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