Better Sorting - Balanced Magic Compatibility Patch by Apethnatos
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Last updated at 8:13, 29 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 21:00, 14 Feb 2012

NOTE: This mod is outdated, and I'm not going to update it any more.

Better Sorting - Balanced Magic Compatibility Patch
Version 1.3

NOTE: Better sorting 2.06 is compatible with the current version, since it doesn't change anything in the spells/spellbooks category.

UPDATE: Uploaded file for 2.0b5 BETA of Balanced Magic. Mostly the same as the 2.0b3 and 2.0b4 patches : "Since mysty completely changed the way the mage armor(flesh) spells work I edited their names to match Headbomb's Better Sorting i.e. "Frost Shield"(vanilla: Ironflesh) previously named"Ironflesh. III"(Headbomb's Better Sorting) is now named "Shield. Ice", "Lightning Shield"(vanilla: Ebonyflesh) previously named "Ironflesh. IV" is now named "Shield. Lightning" etc. This complements both the elemental sorting of Ice/Fire/Lightning and keeps the Shield/flesh/Mage Armour spells together.

Changed new Restoration spells accordingly i.e. "Cure Poison" and "Cure Disease" are now "Cure. Poison" and "Cure. Disease", fortify spells are "Fortify. Health", "Fortify. Stamina" etc. Also changed Grand Healing to "Heal. Grand" to fit the healing spells."

Also changed the basic shield spell to "Shield. Armour".

Load it right after Balanced_Magic_BETA_2_0.esp. Note that the Balanced Magic .esp is required and the game will crash if you don't have it in your data folder, and will most likely activate it if it's not already active.

If you're using the CFM add "Shield.," to the spells list and Alteration sublist as well as to the exclusions for apparel, in the favoritesmenu.cfg

NOTE: I will update the main file and description as soon as either Balanced Magic or Better Sorting update their mains and needs updates.


1. Description

This mod renames the spells of Balanced Destruction(Balanced_Destruction.esp) and Balanced Alteration(Balanced_Alteraton.esp)
of the awesome Balanced Magic mod from mysty, to fit the Better Sorting mod by Headbomb.
Any other files from Balanced Magic did not need modifications. This will replace the original plugins(Balanced_Destruction.esp and Balanced_Alteraton.esp)
of the Balanced Magic mod.


2. Installation

NOTE: Before installing this mod, make sure you have installed the Balanced Magic and Better Sorting(Spells) mods.

2.1 Manual Installation

a) Download the file
b) Open it with 7z or WinRAR and navigate inside the Data folder
c) Choose which files you want to use and extract them(drag and drop) in steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data
d) When asked if you want to replace the file(s) let it copy and replace them
e) Activate the plugins with your favorite mod management programme or the Skyrim Launcher

2.2 Nexus Mod Manager(Recommended)

a) Download the file using the "DOWNLOAD WITH MANAGER" button in the files page or downloads sub-page
b) When download is complete activate the mod in the Nexus Mod Manager
c) You will be given the choice to select which plugins to install. Choose which then click Next then Finish
d) When asked if you want to replace the file(s) press "Yes" or "Yes to all"


3. Sorting

These files should be placed in the same order you place the original Balanced Magic plugins. Use BOSS if you are not certain.

It should look like this:

-Headbomb's Better Sorting - Spells.esp
-Balanced_Conjuration.esp(if you use it)
-Other Balanced Magic plugins


4. Known Issues

-None so far, though the mod works only with the English version of the game and you will have to consult the original authors' permissions
if you want to make localized patches.


5. Permissions

-You are not allowed to upload this file on any other site under any circumstances
-If you want to modify this file and release it, you will have first to check and ask for permission from the original authors as well as give proper credit
to me
-If you want to use assets found in this file, again you will have to first check and ask for permission from the original authors as well as give me
proper credit


6. Credits

Bethesda - For the Creation Kit
Headbomb - For the great sorting mod "Better Sorting", which the spells names came from. I would urge you to check his other mods as well.
mysty - For the awesome "Balanced Magic" mod, which the files originally belong to.


7. Changelog

1.0 - Initial Release
-Renamed Spells effected by both Better Sorting(Version 2.04) and Balanced Magic(Version 1.30)