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For best results, it is highly recommend to install the following:

No Stretching

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Install my mods(s) afterward. Overwrite when prompted.



Solitude v1.2 = Keeps the original design, with some minor updates. Red brick buildings, red Brick trim.

Solitude 2.0 = White stone Building with Blue Roofs & Trim.

--> Both versions now include the Moss, Clovers, and wall moss as part of the default installation.

The new optionals for both versions will be to remove Clovers and/or wall moss, rather than add them back as well as the optional Palace Tile color.



Yes, there are a ton of optionals. I have found that what some just love, others dislike. So this is my attempt of trying to make the Re-tex a bit more flexible.

I would suggest giving the main files (1.2 and 2.0) a try, and see what you like or dislike about the design. You may like it as it is.

The reason for so many optionals is so that you can hopefully tailor Solitude a bit more to your personal taste, which was originally what the Alternatives project was all about. Giving you "Alternatives" to my original vision, as I understand not everyone will like everything about my orginal design.

Be sure to read the description, as some may have a negative side effect. They are there however, for those who prefer it regardless.

I will also try to add more optionals upon request, if possible.

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With NMM its pretty straight forward.
But please note:
If using NMM and it asks you to upgrade when installing a optional file, say NO to the upgrade, and YES to the Overwrite. Otherwise it un-installs the main mod.

Extract the Archive. Drag the DATA folder in this archive to your Skyrim directy and overwite.
To Un-Install delete the folder "Solitude" at location: Data/Textures/architecture/ SOLITUDE