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Hey guys. i've made this mod to test some stuff on the creation kit but i like it a lot and so i have decided to share with you guys.

Coment and Endorse if you like.

This Mod Adds A werewolf King To the Game, If you Kill Him, you Will Find On his Bodie a Book That has the Secret of his power. After reading the Book You will Be Able to Transform On the Werewolf King!

The Werewolf King is More Powerful,Bigger and Faster than a Normal Werewolf and he uses an armor fitting for a king of his kind.
As a werewolf King you will Be Able to Access The Main Menu, Shout And Equip Weapons! you will Not Be Able to use Spells but you can use Powers!
As A werewolf King all other werewolves are Loyal to you and shall not attack you.
You Can Fast Travel As a werewolf King.
You Can Stay In the werewolf King Form Forever (Can Beat the entire game in that Form)
Friendly People That Normaly Woundn't attack you(People From Cities,Etc), Still Don't Attack You Because they Fear and Respect You for Being the Werewolf King(But Try not Trolling Them too much)

You Can Find the Werewolf King along with some of his servants near Cracked Tusk Keep, Ready to Eat their Meal.

As a Werewolf King you Can Equip Spells But you Cannot use them.
You Can Equip Weapons But the Attack Animations are still the same of the Werewolf, But Weapons
Damage work.
Two-Handed Weapons are used as One-handed Weapons(Much Better i think :D).
Throw Voice And Whirlwind Sprint Don't Work Properly.
Armor Animation is not Perfect. (It was the Second thing i ever rigged on 3Ds max, so don't complain about it!)
No Feeding Option on Corpses.
The Only Way to return to normal Form is Changing to a Normal Werewolf (use Beast form Power) and then waiting untill the effect go away.
Normal Werewolves Follow you and Don't attack you but are still Showed as Enemies.
Can't use Bows Properly.

Please Do tell Me if you Find any bugs related to quests (if it breake a quest or something)

Grohiik/Undeadghost/Me For the Mod.
Bethesda For Skyrim.

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