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Crafting Locations Improved

* * *

I had intended to add 2-3 special forges and a couple of Smiths
to go with the new forges but it will now be possible now due to
my time being not my own. If I find later that I have the time then
I may well add them then but until then Happy Slashing and a Hacking

* * *

Update Note

Next Addition

The Towers around Skyrim often make no sense as a place for people
to be spending time in let alone living so im going to be making some
adjustments to them. In the process of doing this if I see other places
that make no sense in this respect I will alter them too.

* * *
As Always Adjustments will be Law Friendly!


There are 2 Versions
1) Compatible Version v4.6.3c - for use with Immersive Armors (Recommended!)
2) Full Version v4.6.2f - Older Version with Skyforge Changes but less new stuff in general to world location

The Full Version Contains Changes to the Skyforge.
So if you have Immersive Armors you will need the Compatible Version.

There are Two Versions


Smithing, Enchanting, Alchemical & Cooking

There are now 3 (Removed but will maybe*** re-added) New Merchant-BlackSmiths In Locations where there was no Store.

This list is now far from complete as I stopped adding to it 3-4 Updates ago as it was getting ridiculously long.

Old RorkStead
BlackSmith Merchant & Daughter **
Forge & Smelter
Armor Table, Grinding Wheel, Tanning Rack
Enchanting & Alchemical Crafting (In Smiths House)
Wood Chopping Block

** Daughter TBA

RiverSide Shack
Cooking Pot & Alchemical Crafting
Non-Respawn Barrels

Version 4.6 Adds

New Merchant-BlackSmith to IvarStead along with
Forge & Smelter
Armor Table, Grinding Wheel & Tanning Rack
Enchanting & Alchemical Tables in her House

DarkLight Tower (Exterior)
Cooking Spit (Upper Exterior)


AngarVunde (Exterior)
Smithing & Smelting Kit
Cooking Pot

Rkund (Exterior)
? - Sorry forgot what I put there :P

Un-Named Camp
Cooking Spit (Far North)


Version 4.5 Added

Skyrim Temple
Outside Cooking Pot (On the Forge)

Azuras Shrine
Campfire & Cooking Spit
Enchantment Table

Stone Hills (Village)
Cooking Pot (On side of campfire)
Tanning Rack

Un-Named Camp
Cooking Pot (On Side of campfire)

Robbers Gorge
Cooking PotSpit

Scaarthal (Exterier)
Cooking Spit
Basic Tents


Version 4.4 Update Added

Crafting to 4 Forsworn Camps & Redouts (where they fit in!)

1) RedEagle Redout (Exterior)
2) Surpents Bluff Redout (Exterior)
3) Hag Rock Redout (Interior)
4) Druadach Redout (Interior)

The Redouts are a hard place to edit at times and some things
may not be as close as wanted, but it is there and not to far away!

SkyHaven Temple - All Crafting Equipment
Dragon Bridge - All Smithing Equipment

Version 4.3 Update
Camps & BanditCamps
FullMoon Camp
Knifepoint Ridge

Whiteriver Camp
FullMoon Camp
Knife Poinr Ridge
RiverWood Witch Camp
Bleakfalls Barrow (Internal)
Ruined Inn (nr Boethia's Shrine)
Boethia's Shrine

Dead Walrus Camp on Ice (Its has no name!)
Un-Named Camps x2

Skyforge - Smelter, Tanning Rack, Armor Bench **
UnderForge - Enchanting Table, Alchamy Table & 2 Small Chests

Markarth - Enchanter Table
Riften - Enchanter Table & Smelter
WindHelm - Enchanter Table
WinterHold - All SmithEnchanting Tools & Non-respawn Containers
Solitude - Enchanting Table & Smelter
Falkreath - All Smithing Crafting Tools (Its on the Hill at the side of City)
DawnStar - All Smithing Crafting Tools (On edge of City, North road I think)
Morthal - All Smithing Crafting Tools

Orc StrongHolds
Dushnikh - Small Enchanter
Larcashbur - Small Enchanter
Mor Khazgur - Small Enchanter & Alchamy Station
Narzulbur - Small Enchanter & Tanning Rack

Riverwood - A Smelter, Small Enchanting Station and Non-respawn containers

All Citys Smithy's now have 1-2 Non-Respawning Containers
(barrels or chest) unless stated

In Updates to Come -
a) Tidying up on areas,
b) Maybe adding or Improving Crafting locations to a few bandit Forts or Holds,
c) Adding 1-2 Crafting locations in Isolated Areas.
d) Currently some Smithies do not have a Smith. A Smith will be added at a later date but
Only to the ones in Norsk Citys & Towns.

There should be no conflicts except maybe with other mods that
add or move things in same area.


Just drag and drop the .esp from the .RAR file into your data folder
It should look some thing like this

C:..Steam SteamApps Common Skyrim Data.

Then check the tick box in your favorite Mod Manager
Place near the Top in the load order so Quest Mods Over Ride.

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