Sabretooth - the loyal Sabrecat Companion - with dialogue by Yeojj
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-Sabretooth now comes in 4 different textures! Three custom made and one default. You can change them by talking to Sabretooth, using the [change appearance] option and then decide which one you want. You can always change the textures. Thanks to Alienslof for letting me use two of her excellent textures (the tiger and snowy versions)! Make sure to put the meshes and textures folder into your skyrim/data folder.
-Instead of just one spell to control Sabretooth, you now have four. One for each dialogue command (wait, follow, go home, get out of my way). Also changed the dragon sound into a sabre cat sound when using the spell. You can get the new commands by talking to Sabretooth and use the "learn new commands" dialogue option. The dialogue option should disappear after you have the spells.
- Sabretooth's scaling has been reduced. From level 1-20 he scales the same as before, but from level 21-40 he scales with a reduced pace.
- Increased Sabretooth's magic resistance. This is done partially because I felt he was too weak vs AoE damage (especially from the player if you're playing mage).

FEATURES Version 1.02

- Sabretooth knows four basic commands.
(NOTE: Sabretooth is lazy, he might not start his new command after sitting back up again, he likes to lay down while waiting)
  • Follow: self explanatory.
  • Wait: self explanatory.
  • Wait in front of Breezehome: Sabretooth will run to Whiterun and wait infront of Breezehome (NOTE: this command is available at the start, but will only work when you've been to Whiterun AFTER loading the mod) If people want it, I might make a feature that let's Sabretooth wait at whatever home you want (or inside a home).
  • Get away from me command: This command will put Sabretooth in a "flee from the player" mode. Handy when he's blocking a doorway or something. Might not always be reliable though, and he will keep fleeing from you until you told him otherwise

- You are given one spell which enables you to call Sabretooth from wherever he is and make him follow you.
Useful for when he waits at home and you don't want to go to him to make him follow you. It might take a couple of hours (maybe even days if he's far away) before he reaches you though. It currently uses a loud dragon shout as a sound effect, because the creation kit doesn't include voice dialogue =(. Since it had to be viable for both males and females, my choice was limited.

- Sabretooth his size is based on the level of the playable character.
(NOTE: He will only gain his new size after leveling after being hit by something)

- Sabretooth his stats are also based on the level of the playable character.
(NOTE: Due to a bug, followers' stats ONLY update after being disabled and enabled. As a solution to this, Sabretooth will disable and enable automatically after being hit the first time after he levels. That's why he fades out and fades in sometimes.

- You can recruit Sabretooth right outside Riverwood.
He can be found somewhere around Faendal's camp outside Riverwood (the side where you enter Riverwood for the first time). There you will find Sabretooth, wounded and hungry, and after a (very) short quest he will be your companion.

-Small notes:
  • He starts with 20 health, and gets 8 health per level. I deliberately made him a bit weaker, since I don't want to skew up the balance of the game. His size also scales with level, and size also has an effect on how much damage he does and can receive. This means his survivability will increase more than 8hp per level. His health is slightly lower than the other animal companions, but he makes up for this since he does more damage.
  • You can have both a dog follower and Sabretooth. But understand that this skews up balance and too many followers will lead to inaccessible rooms, annoyances and other things. But if you do want more followers, go ahead.
  • Sabretooth will go into bleedout when he reaches 10% hp. During this time enemies will ignore him. Sabretooth CAN'T be killed, even when the player does the finishing blow (I did this, because I play a mage and it's annoying when AoE kills your own follower). However, as long as Sabretooth is inside AoE damage, he will stay in the bleed out state.

Unpack the winrar file and put all the contents in your into your skyrim/data folder. [/b]The Nexus Mod Manager seems to work, which would make the installation much easier. So if you know how to use it, please do so! [/b]

Credits: Alienslof for letting me use two of her awesome Sabre Cat textures! Thanks!

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE ARE ANY BUGS. Don't hesitate to give me feedback or new ideas for new patches.

I hope you enjoy Sabretooth =)

---update: I added the scripts necessary to the new patch. I thought the scripts would be included in the .esp file somehow, but they weren't. You'll have to place the new scripts folder into your skyrim/data folder and all should work well! =) Let me know.
Some people reported a bug where the triggerbox didn't trigger (because Sabretooth might have changed positions due enemies nearby). In this bugfix patch I made it possible to actually talk to him without having to trigger the triggerbox.