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Tired of Lugging your stuff back to town? Need some supplies deep in a dungeon? Need merchant with a good amount of gold? Then dont strain yourself, summon the magic merchant.

Get the amulet off the alchemy table in Dragonsreach. To summon Merchant simply equip the amulet, WAIT around 8-10 secs(inreallife), Then either -- Go in a Door/QuickWait an hour/Or fast travel,--- and he will Instantly be there.

He has a supply of essential potions(the Useful ones!), Amunition, lock picks and more, he will buy anything, and he has 10000 gold.

Simlpy unequip amulet and be on your way. (amulet also gives you small price bonus!)

He even delivers food.

Dont walk back to town.

Will add more useful items to be sold in future suggestions and feedback welcome!

(remem to wait 8-10 secs, if you have any problems)