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Version: 1.3.1

Lakeside House is a modest house that sits on the southern shore of Lake Ilianalta (upstream from Riverwood). Inside you will find all of the standard crafting stations (the smithing is in the basement), several weapon racks and plaques around the house, and four mannequins in the bedroom.

Though before you can enter you must find the key to the front door, but don't worry it's in a sack tucked away between the rocks by the shore.

Thank you for downloading and have fun!

NOTE FOR THOSE UPDATING TO 1.3 OR 1.3.1 FROM 1.2 OR EARLIER: Before you update you MUST take everything out of your containers (chests, barrels, bookcases, racks, etc), otherwise you WILL lose everything that you had in those containers. Once you have done this, then you can save your game and update. Don't say I didn't warn you!

NOTE: There is now an optional 'no mannequins' version for those that have an aversion to being watched as you sleep.

NOTE: All of the barrels (EXCEPT for the Pelt Storage) respawn.

NOTE: I'm afraid I have not been able to add female mannequins, instead try this mod if you want female mannequins.


If you're upgrading to 1.3 or 1.3.1 from 1.2 or earlier then make sure you've read and followed the updating instructions above.

Manual: Just extract into the Skyrim/Data directory. Then start Skyrim, and on the launcher go into Data Files, and make sure your choice is checked to activate.

NMM: Download with NMM and then activate the plugin.

To uninstall, start Skyrim, go into Data Files, and uncheck the plug-in. Then delete the Lakeside House.esp file in the Skyrim/Data directory.

I will list any here once I know of them. Please contact me if you find any incompatibilities.

Mannequins may go walkies - I have found no solution to this, if the mannequins have changed their pose, just exit the house and then re-enter. Or just activate them.

If you find floating grass in front of the house, then check this page out:

1.3.1 - Lowered the rug at the bottom of the stairs so that it is no longer floating.
- Softened the light of the fire in the main room.
- Added a light to the alchemy station.
1.3 - Replaces the chests in the training area to: Ammunition Storage, Armour Storage, and Weapon Storage.
- Adds a wine rack in the hallway between the training area and the smithing area.
- Replaces the lone chest in the smithing area to Material Storage.
- Adds a pelt storage barrel and an ore storage chest to the smithing area.
- Adds a potion storage next to the alchemy station.
- Replaces the apothecary's satchel on the alchemy station to an ingredient satchel.
- Refines the navmeshes in both cells.
1.2 - Adds a new light in the enchantment room, and a couple of soul gem stands.
- Modifies the ownership of the beds (the one in the master bedroom has been set as the player's).
- Shading has been added under the chopping block.
1.1 - The version I should have uploaded in the first place. Contains a wood chopping area just outside.
1.0 - Initial Realease

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