Better Containers by Varacolaci
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Added: 21/11/2011 - 04:14PM
Updated: 23/11/2011 - 10:06PM

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Last updated at 22:06, 23 Nov 2011 Uploaded at 16:14, 21 Nov 2011

---- UPDATE ----
V 1.1.2 Chest added (added some better dirt and some rust)
V 1.1.2 Chest added (clean one inside houses)
V 1.1.1 Barrel02 dirtied a little more.
V 1.1 added . Barrel02 (non looteable)

I've seen some re-textures for some containers here but none is for me as they are not as detailed as I want.

So I'm starting to re-texture the containers starting with the barrels. I'm updating this till I make all containers in the game, but please be patient it took me over 8 hours to get this look as I wanted.

1. Once downloaded put the rar file in your Skyrim folder
2. Extract them (the files have the internal structure to make it work)
3. Critic my textures

It is safe to use the download manager, no extra content and the file structure is correct.
1. Locate the following files:
----- they are in Data/Textures/Clutter
------------- barrel01.dss
------------- barrel01_n.dss
------------- barrel02.dss
------------- barrel02_n.dss
------------- containers/chest01.dss
------------- containers/chest01_n.dss

If you want to use them in other mods or redistribute .. Use it as you wish, no asking needed.