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Added: 12/02/2012 - 08:46PM
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This is my .ini config (RealisticLighting.ini) for Realistic Lighting With Customization

Version 2.0 works with Realistic Lightning 3.4a

Versions 1.0.0 to 1.0.5 works ONLY with Realistic Lighting 3.2 and 3.31 !!!

  • The pictures taken from the game are a little more white than normal, so don't take as a standard, in the actual game, it looks different !!

  • If you have the pitch black bug in the rift area, use "Realistic Lighting 3_4a Riften Fog Fix TWO" from the optional files, from Realistic Lighting, provided by sydney666.

> I recommend using this sky mod if you want to have my sky from the pictures Inside the Nebula (note: download the Original Nebula, 4096x2732px)
> I also recommend using this great mod which adds lanterns to the game, it really enhances the immersion and at night, you really need it Lanterns on the Roads

Note: Remember this is how i imagine the game looks good in my eyes, this custom ini configs for Realistic Lighting are a matter of taste, each person sees different the game in terms of lighting.