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Redguards Realistic Lighting Custom Configuration

Here is my configuration for Realistic Lighting with customization version 3.4a. It has been requested that I upload it, so here it is. This is still a work in progress I would say, because there are a few issues that need to be worked on by the maker of the mod, Plutoman. As of right now im happy with it, but anyone who downloads it and uses it let me know of anything of concern.

NOTE: RLwC 4.0 is out. Now called Realistic Lighting Overhaul. There is no customization for it right now, but Plutoman is working on the customizer. However, unfortunately if it still requires Java for the customization, I most like won't be customizing, as Java has a ton of security exploits and I already got one virus that made me have to blow my system away and format.

I will relelase a small update to this configuration for people using RlwC 3.5 right now, and fix the blown out sky and some other things that people have brought up.

I may be releasing a full fledged ENB configuration though soon to run with default version of RLO (Realistic Lighting Overhaul)

NOTICE1: UPDATE OUT. 1.5b now contains hotfix and default RLwC plugin like it should have. Sorry I just noticed this error. DOWNLOAD THIS
NOTICE2: 1.5b has been released. For Realistic Lighting with Customization 3.4a
NOTICE3: Comment section is enabled. post some comments, and endorse if you like it, if not tell me what you don't like about it.

Essentail(s) For this Config:
1. Realistic Lighting with Customization

I also HIGHLY Recommend this Bokeh DOF stand-alone mod. Its from ENB series, but the new 1.10 version has close to no performance hit, and is a much better DOF then anything else on nexus

What this will do:

-make days brighter
-it gives you the feel of the sunlight that the vanilla did not have. With bright sunlit areas and dark shadows
-Distant mountains will have a blue haze over them in a bright sunny day. No more dark grey distant mountains
-dawn will give you the early morning realistic feel to it
-at dusk itll be more red and color saturated like a real sunset
-night are VERY dark, be sure to have a torch with you
-when its cloudy at night its near pitch black
-when its a clear night it'll be bright enough to see in front of you as if its moon lit with a slight blue haze
-interiors will be darker then vanilla, but light sources inside will actually have a purpose
-dungeons are done. Darker ambient areas, while not being pitch black.

Version Log:

v1.5b - contains 1.5a Hotfix and Default RLwC plugin that should have been their in 1.5a, but was not. Sorry about that. Download this version!
v1.5a HOTFIX - fixed an issue where caves or dungeons would have bright blue or green fog.

v1.5a - For Realistic Lighting and Customization 3.4a. Days sky reverted back to version 1.4 skys, added quite a bit more day saturation for better colors, dusk redness dropped a bit since 3.4a added a bit more red to the sky, which then adds redness to textures, added a some saturation to dungeons. THIS IS MOST LIKELY THE FINAL VERSION OF MY CONFIG TILL SYDNEY WORKS ON INTERIORS/DUNGEONS, OR IF THEIR ARE ANY REQUESTS FOR TWEAKS IN COMMENTS

v1.5 - Fixed an issue where sky was too bright blue. To compensate for the decreased skyscale value I also lowered the lum2 value to still give us a nice powerful sun. Fixed an issue where dungeons were too dark and had either way to much gama or contrast. Dungeons should now look really good, till I do a full overhaul for them if Plutoman does any interior/dungeon changes for the mod itself.

v1.4 - New overhaul for RLwC 3.4 by Sydney and Plutoman. Many Changes to cope with a lot of the new changes for 3.4. Days, Nights, Dusks, and dawns were changed, and dungeons brightness increased a tiny bit. I will be making a brighter dungeons and interiors version. Enjoy.

v1.3.2 - few changes to dawns and dusks. (This time I looked at actual dusk and dawn real life pictures) and added .03 saturation modifier to daytime, removed a tiny bit of interior saturation

v1.3.1 - removed all bloom. everything was way to bright, and wasnt realistic(Pluto who made RL warned us config makers about that). Much better now. Recommended over 1.3.0

v1.3.0 - Interior bloom removed(made everything way to bright). Exteriors now have Bloom. complete overhaul for all scenes(day, night, dusk, dawn, interiors, dungeons) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Also Revamp Exterior Fog mod is now essential to getting best out of my config.

v1.2.2 - day, dawn, dusk tweaks. Bloom added, contrast tweaked.

v1.2.1 - for RLwC 3.31, dungeons have been configured

v1.2.0 - for RLwC 3.3, slightly darker nights, and full overhaul of interiors, dungeons will be done soon. either tomorrow or thursday.

v1.0.1- less blue nights, slightly darker nights, slightly less blue haze during the day, slightly brighter days, dusks much more red and pinkish-purple look(amazing) and a bit darker, dawns are a bit darker, little more blue and red

v1.0.0 - initial release for Realistic Lighting v3.11

Known Issues:

None. Its time for you find them and tell me.

I found one. With the way Ambient occlusion is implemented if you have it forced in with nvidia's control panel when theres fog out everything will look odd like their will be a lot of black darkness everywhere. There is a massive bug with Ambient Occlusion with Skyrim 1.5

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Special Thanks:

Plutoman101 for his non-stop dedication to this mod
sydney666 for his dedicated work on RLwC as a new Developer
Blethesda for Skyrim, and supporting the modding community