Summon Skeleton Champion - Conjuration Spells by frankenstrat
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Summon Skeleton Champion - Conjuration Spells by frankenstrat (Ver. 1.60)

This MOD adds 3 new conjuration spells those allow you to summon a Skeleton.

---Ver. 1.63 Updates---

-Add the Skeleton Archer (will be summoned by Champion, or Hero)
-Add some spells to the Skeleton Mage
-The Skeleton Champion will use some Shouts

---Basic Stats---

-Conjure Skeleton (Apprentice Conjuration Spell)
Summon a weak Skeleton warrior same as encount at several dungeons 60seconds.
He is equipped with a 1H weapon and a shield.

-Conjure Skeleton Hero (Expert Conjuration Spell)
Summon a much tougher "Skeleton Hero" 60 seconds. (approx. lv 40, custom stats)
He fight with a 1H enchanted weapon and several magics. (Frost Destruction and Conjuration)

-Conjure Skeleton Champion (Master Conjuration Spell)
Summon a extremely strong "Skeleton Champion" permanently like as Flame Thrall. (approx. lv 90, custom stats)
He fight with a 1H enchanted Ebony weapon and several magics. (Destruction and Conjuration)

-Skeleton Flame, Skeleton Ghost, Skeleton Archer
They will be sommoned by the Skeleton Champion or the Skeleton Hero.

-Skeleton Mage
He will be sommoned by the Skeleton Champion, the Skeleton Hero, or the Skeleton Mage.

---Spell Tome Location---

-Ver. 1.52 or later
You can loot them from the Skeleton Champion at somewhere southwest of Winterhold.
(Spoiler: See the screenshot, it's very close to "Sxxxxxxx Pit")
(More spoiler:

-Ver. 1.50 or earier.
You can loot them from the Skeleton Champion at the deepest part of Folgunthur Crypt.

---Console commands---

xx0002DBE - Spell Tome: Conjure Skeleton Champion
xx0000D65 - Spell Tome: Conjure Skeleton Hero
xx0001D92 - Spell Tome: Conjure Skeleton
xx0002DBD - Spell: Conjure Skeleton Champion
xx0000D64 - Spell: Conjure Skeleton Hero
xx0001D91 - Spell: Conjure Skeleton
(xx is the variable load order, check in the NMM or display by the "help" command. e.g. help "conjure skeleton" 4)

player.additem xxxxxxxx 1 (add a spell tome to inventory)
player.removeitem xxxxxxxx 1 (delete a spell tome from inventory)
player.addspell xxxxxxxx (learn a spell)
player.removespell xxxxxxxx (forget a spell)

---Version History---

v1.00 - Initial release
v1.30 - Add Skeleton Champion, Balance tweak, Fix minor strings issues
v1.40 - Add a outfit and a spell (Wabbajack) for the Skeleton Champion
v1.50 - Add 2 spells for the Skeleton Champion and the Skeleton Hero, Balance tweak
v1.52 - Change the location where to find Spell Tomes
v1.60 - Add the Skeleton Mage, Restore the stats of the Skeleton Hero, Add shouts of the Skeleton Hero
v1.63 - Add the Skeleton Archer, Add spells to the Skeleton Mage, Add shouts to the Skeleton Champion

---Known Issues---

-Rarely, Skeletons have no weapons and can't cast any spells. (re-summon please)