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for DALLs - Arch_Mages_Tower



Arch_Mages_Tower is multi-category mod which does much more then one simple and easy to understand thing. By Skyrim mods standards it is big and it does add for real - numerous new Interior n Exterior locations (Winterhold College of Magic), new Arms n Armor, new crafting items, new specialized Shops, new Skill Trainers, new followers, big multi-level fight Quest and numerous new to this mod unique Location Actors (NPCs).

Arch-Mages Tower is primarily new PC Home for Arch-Mages but at same time, it considerably enlargers and extends existing Winterhold College (interiors, exteriors and game content). Being what it is - High Seat of Arcane Knowledge and Magic Power it is filled with NPCs with jobs as well as with numerous new services n Power items. Unfortunately, this Mage's Paradise has one big problem only PC Hero - namely you - can resolve. Regardless of your actual in-game level or Class, this trouble-shooting job (fight Quest) will be quite hard to accomplish without some serious preparation. How hard it will be is really up to you to choose but regardless of your choice, you will have ample time and opportunity to fine tune your (PC) abilities, sort your followers and kit yourself adequately beforehand as you can start this Quest at your leisure.

All my additions and items / their specs (changes to game world) this mod introduces are of localized nature / are unique only to this mod and as such they will be gone if you decide to uninstall it. Earned experience points (XP), monies acquired and enhancements to standard / in game gear will stay. Start location for this mod is - Winterhold College of Magic (map top-right corner). If by chance your character is, very low level (still has not found Winterhold or College) - look for (my map markers) Winterhold College - Stable or Arch-Mage's Tower - Dragon Perch.

Existing Arch-Mages - don't need to do anything special - as they already have everything for it required. Mages (Novices n Apprentices) will get there soon enough while all others (non-mage Classes) will need to do following:

get trough mandatory (PC Mage Class) initiation routine and wait on (regular game), summon into - otherwise locked - Arch-Mages Quarters! Once in-there, you'll find (my) satchel with all necessary details.

This mod is supplied with all for it necessary files - but final look of this new College complex and its denizens can be improved further by my other (Dalls_"whatever") re-texture mods.

Recommended mods:













To install you need to navigate to your Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim - game folder and paste / drag n drop in it my Data (mod) folder. Allow overwrite!

If you don't like this mod, simply delete / remove my mod .esp (plug-in) as well as (check for names my unpacked mod) files from Data/meshes/architecture/winterhold n DallsGear together with textures from Data/textures/ architecture /winterhold , clutter n DallsGear - and original look will be restored to your game.

Bugs/conflicts: none known

Free to use but if any files included (therein) are to be used for modding ask me for permission!

Note on v1.1: Quest and new spaces / content added. Some new meshes n textures for main (Hall) gate, interior blocks and Tower dog / game dogs added as well. Optional (less shaggy) dog mesh added as well.

Note on v2.0: Major mod update which adds three (Student Club / College Inn, new Dormitory n Astral/Portal Travel Lab) fully populated and decorated new locations to previous two. Tower (PC Home) lighting changed to match the rest of newly added locations. Some minor changes n additions to (exterior) Winterhold College Yard. New followers and some training / vendor services added. Arch-Mages and all other in magic (fun) interested should rejoice - as they never - before - had it so good n conveniently placed - in one / single mod. ;)

Note on v3.0: Major Mod Update! Epic Quest (Full Version) - Halls of the Dead - added! It "brings"-in another three (playable) levels - one of them is brand-new humongous necropolis (crypt dungeon). College stable n horses, access bridge repairs, plethora of new items and some new / interesting characters deepened in Skyrim - (Winterhold College) Lore are now there as well.

Note on v3.1: Mostly service update (all-around fixes and game-play improvements) with some brand-new NPCs n item additions. Users of (Arch-Mage's) Tower will benefit most as they'll find there some new items n improved crafting options together with newly added Arch-Mage's (Tower) Personal Assistant. There are some other interesting additions (NPCs / new potential boss-level followers) as well.

Note on v3.2: All Tower/College Exteriors finished new items and one (new) mini quest added. Some game bugs like fast-travel to College on horseback fixed. For better or worse - this is it! ;)

Note on v3.3: Making game to show larger objects in exterior (consistently) is still game-wide problem regardless of all known tweaks n tricks. This update seems to improve these odds somewhat but it is still far from what it should be. New exterior content (at Forgotten Tower) added.

Note on v3.4: Highly recommended as previously unknown location swap bug (CK error) was caught and fixed. Some other minor fixes / changes - otherwise same as v3.3.

Note on v3.5: Biggest change there is - are my "new" Halls of The Dead - undead mages which are now somewhat weaker - as they now adjust to your (PC) level. Beside them, there are some new shops and magic trainers. Staff of The Founder now has new textures. Some other minor fixes n changes.

Note on v3.6: Some visual changes and new services / item additions aimed to improve mod usability and overall easy-of-use appeal together with some game specific function improvements. New Tower pet, items / textures and some new exterior features with newly added direct access to Arch-Mage's Tower Top (fast-travel portal). Use Dragon-Perch (Tower Top portal) directly when on foot or riding Dragon - otherwise use (horse friendly stop) - Winterhold College or College Stable map-marker/s.

Note on v3.7: Due to (real modding) feedback, I was able to catch and fix potential (Navmesh) fast-travel / game load problem! While at it, I have made few more additions to College Proper - so this update is beside service (fix only problem) aspect - new content update as well.

Note on v3.7_ESP_Only: Plug-in v3.7_ESP_only - is incomplete update made only for users of v3.6 so they don't have to download files they already have. Install last!

Important: If already, user just overwrite previous version but regardless of being that or not - remember that saves made in (any previous) Winterhold (Town Exterior) and in the vicinity of Winterhold College are not recommended and should not be used! For start use, game saves made somewhere/anywhere else!

Enjoy and try to remember - if you find it fun - to come back and give your (to many all important rating validation) infamous endorsement! ;)

Thanks to Bethesda for great game and to ElminsterAU for his TES5Edit.

PS. Is this mod worth your time? If you can still think for yourself and you are not afraid to try something else a bit more complicated and deeper layered - not found or represented in Nexus Top 100s mod shallows at all - it definitely is! I have been making game extending and retexture overhaul mods for last fifteen years - arguably quite successfully - which makes them all at least worth experimental try. In practice they represent - ten or more of single-purpose / different categories mods squeezed in one (DLC like) package. They were made to be permanent extensions n additions to my own game thus, they are safe n eminently useable but if not wanted - they and their content are very easy to remove without any harmful consequences to your saves. If interested in other / similar (large-scale / multi-category) mods try - (my) Pine_Wood_Lodge, Temple, Proudspire_Castle and Princess.