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Last updated at 14:39, 22 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 12:51, 12 Feb 2012

Also available on the workshop!

Keep in mind that this is my first mod created in the Creatin Kit. Also feel free to point out massive Clipping errors and request more shields.

You can buy the shields in the Warmaiden's directly in Whiterun.

Shields currently in this pack:
Iron Shield
Banded Iron Shield
Steel Shield
Dwarven Shield
Orcish Shield
Ebony Shield
Dragonplate Shield
Daedric Shield
Hide Shield
Elven Shield
Glass Shield
Dragonscale Shield
Ysgramor's Shield
Blades Shield
*NEW*Imperial Shield
*NEW*Light Imperial Shield
*NEW*Targe of the Blooded

DISCLAIMER: This mod is only for cosmetic reasons. If you play an archer character you will most likely LAUNCH your shield from the back towards the enemy. You can pick it up again, unless it gets destroyed on hit.
If this ever happens just type this in console, so you get the IDs to get your shield back.
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