Spiders to Draugr and Skeevers by Jozzarozzer
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Added: 12/02/2012 - 09:34AM
Updated: 12/02/2012 - 09:43AM

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Last updated at 9:43, 12 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 9:34, 12 Feb 2012

this mod turns spiders into draugr and skeevers, you will know that they are the spider version and not the real thing because they still have the frostbite or giant frostbite prefixes.

- spiders turn into draugr and skeevers

- No more Frostbite loading screen

- Draugr and skeevers have natural loot plus frostbite venom


- Got rid of the Frostbite Spider loading screen

- fixed sounds so now breathing no longer sounds like a spider
- removed frostbite prefix
- made more realistic loot (still drops frosbite venom)
- made giant skeever (giant frosbite spider) 250% bigger than a normal skeever (not as big as it sounds)
- changed lis (dark brotherhood spider) into a sabrecat

- changed spiders into draugr and skeevers