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Riverwood Tower by mrstiffy
Skyrim » Abodes - Player homes
Added: 12/02/2012 - 06:26AM
Updated: 21/05/2015 - 05:04AM

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Uploaded by mrstiffy


Last updated at 5:04, 21 May 2015 Uploaded at 6:26, 12 Feb 2012

RIVERWOOD TOWER                                                                                                                            TRADUZIONE ITALIANA

--UPDATE 1.6--
- Added a second basement entrance at the bottom of the hill past the Riverwood rear gate

--UPDATE 1.5--
- Nav-mesh fixes
- Added scenery, fortifications, garden
- Added oven
- Added a fireplace to the basement

--UPDATE 1.4--
- Removed mannequins because they were buggy( THIS MEANS TAKE YOUR ARMOR OFF THEM BEFORE INSTALLING )
- Expanded basement, more weapon racks, working book cases, companion room.
- All doors on the tower are now only open able by a a switch on each side of each door. Npc's cant get in unless the doors are open.
- Expanded patio area and added a second entrance around the back of the tower.
- Added Arches over the road to make a semi enclosure around the tower because it looks cool. Travelers can still freely move along the area.

--UPDATE 1.31--
Nav-mesh fixes

-- UPDATE 1.3 --
WARNING= If you put stuff in the middle chest in the basement, remove it before updating because I deleted that chest.
- Added 4 mannequins, 7 weapon racks, 2 shield plaques to the basement.
- Replaced the forge with an anvil for better performance.
- Removed some trees and lights for performance.


Hi, this is a little mod I made to test out the new CK. It's a tower above Riverwood that has everything you need for a new character.

It's got a work bench, forge, sharpening wheel, tanning rack, chopping block, a cooking pot on top, an oven, a patio with a smelter in back and a small garden in front. It also has a basement with enchanting/alchemy tables, weapon racks, weapon and armor storage, a fireplace and an extra bed.

It has a map marker too. Enjoy!